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  • Kathryn Musilek

Paste Premieres Episode 8 of GRAVES : Weekend Binging of Horror Comedy Series

"Imagine if the Scooby Gang from Buffy beat all the evil in Sunnydale back after, like, the second season, and just had to get used to be normal old high schoolers again after that. And then ten years pass and they’re staring down 30 and their job’s a joke, they’re broke and their love life’s D.O.A. Oh, and then the demons come back...If you ever wanted to watch a mumblecore-y mash-up of Spaced and Buffy, Graves could be the show for you." - PASTE



Binge Watch All Episodes of GRAVES Here

Friday, April 21, 2017- New York, NY -- Lo-Fi comedy-horror web series, GRAVES Episode 8 was premiered this morning on Paste, who called it "a mumblecore-y mash-up of Spaced and Buffy." The episode premiere is up a couple days before its Sunday wide release.

GRAVES is back with a whole second season, which launched last Sunday in a surprise Part 2 Premiere, Episode 7 in the series. The 6-episode, Part 1 of GRAVES garnered plenty of cult-following interest from the likes of AV Club, Tubefilter, and more for the series' lo-fi aesthetic and campy sense of humor. There will be a new episode out every Sunday for the next 6 weeks. The series was created and directed by Terence Key, a Brooklyn filmmaker with an affinity for comedy, horror and Buffy The Vampire slayer.

GRAVES is a gothic, manic-depressive fever-dream of a web series, that merges the genres of lo-fi relationship comedy, millennial drama, and 1990s supernatural television. GRAVES tells the story of a group of teenagers who band together to fight the forces of darkness, which bonds them for life. 10-years later, riddled with anxiety, depression and general discomfort towards normal life, these 29-year-olds struggle with their careers, relationships and all those other uncomfortable "adulting" things. As the AV Club says, "Adulthood is truly terrifying in the lo-fi horror-comedy series GRAVES."

10 years after the group fought and won against a demon that rose out of the Earth, those demons are coming back for revenge. These "grownups" are going to have to work through their issues, get their lives together and hopefully kill a demon or two.

GRAVES was created by Terence Krey and directed by Terence Krey and Dan Fox (OH, INVERTED WORLD).

Stream Part 1 of GRAVES:


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