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  • Kathryn Musilek:

Unitard Announces Residency At Joe’s Pub

Unitard in… Tard Core!

(There Are No Safe Words)

Directed by Paul Dobie

Photo by Aaron Cobbett: Nora Burns, Mike Albo, David Ilku

WHO: Nora Burns (David's Friend, JFL), Mike Albo (The Junket, Spermhood), David Ilku (Difficult People, Comedy Central)

WHAT: A wildly twisted, outspoken, fabulous, tested, ready now, comedy group from NYC. For over 15 years, they have performed from coast to coast and points in between as well as Canada. Collectively and individually they have performed in venues and festivals across the US

WHERE: Joe's Pub at The Public


Wed, May 3 , 2017 at 9:30pm

Wed, May 31, 2017 at 7pm

Wed, June 28, 2017 at 7pm

Wed, July 26, 2017 at 7pm

Tickets and Info:

“Unitard are the GenX crazy talented cousins of the cool kids from SNL” - Parker Posey

“DON’T MISS THIS! Incredibly vicious and relentlessly hilarious." - Time Out New York

"Dangerously funny sketch comedy by three legends of downtown theater." - Theater Is Easy 'Best Bet'

Buckle up your bustier and bite down on your ball-gag because Unitard — NYC’s naughtiest, nastiest, no-holds-barred comic trio — is back! These arbiters of biting bitchiness and snappy satire are returning to Joe’s Pub just in time to give our crappy culture the tasteless tongue-lashing it deserves. Ouch!

This tarty trio has been raising heckles, hackles and chuckles for almost 2 decades with their special brand of kinky comedy. After helping audiences survive 9/11, the Great Recession, and the Kardashian tsunami, they are returning to take on the current kleptocratic apocalypse like a flatulent phoenix rising from the ashes.

Watch them pierce political patriarchy, prey on social hypocrisy, and parody everything from polyamory to Pyongyang, activism to Ann Coulter, protests to pop-up shops. Tard Core is a scathing yet soothing salve in these sucky times. Bend over and take it like Bannon.

New York, NY -- Comedy trio Unitard (Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku) have announced their residency at Joe’s Pub at The Public, kicking off with the premiere date May 3. The acclaimed comedy trio Unitard is made up of the combined talents of Mike Albo (former New York Times columnist and author of The Underminer as well as established solo performer), Nora Burns (of the comedy group The Nellie Olesons), and David Ilku (member of the Dueling Bankheads).

Unitard is a wildly twisted, outspoken, fabulous, tested, ready now, comedy group from NYC. For over 15 years, they have performed from coast to coast and points in between as well as Canada. Collectively and individually they have performed in venues and festivals across the US including: We're Funny That Way: Toronto, Aspen Comedy festival, Toyota Comedy Festival, Joe’s Pub: NYC, HBO Workspace: LA, PS122: NYC, Highways: LA, SF Sketchfest: San Francisco, Andy Warhol Museum: Pittsburgh, Theater Offensive: Boston, Oberon: Harvard Square Cambridge, The Maui Cultural Center, as well as Portland OR, Seattle WA, Provincetown MA and Columbus OH. Some of their work has been featured on, CNN, Bravo, VH1, Logo TV, and Comedy Central.

Mike Albo is the author of the novels Hornito and The Underminer: The Best Friend Who Casually Destroys Your Life (co-written with Virginia Heffernan), as well as the Kindle Singles, The Junket and Spermhood. His writing has appeared in numerous magazines, anthologies and web sites, including New York Magazine, GQ, Out, The New Yorker and The New York Times. As a solo artist, he’s performed all over the US, Canada and in Europe. Solo shows include Please Everything Burst; My Price Point; and most recently, an Off Broadway production of The Junket, directed by David Schweizer, and his current solo show, Spermhood, also directed by David Schweizer.

Nora Burns is a founding member of the comedy groups Unitard and the Nellie Olesons and has performed across the country in venues from PS122, LaMama, and Joe’s Pub in NYC to Highways, Cavern Club and HBO workspace in LA. She has also performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs in Montreal and We’re Funny That Way in Toronto. She is currently performing her second solo show, David’s Friend in NYC and LA. She has appeared in the films Florent: Queen of the Meat Market, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Broken Hearts Club and Boys Life 3, among others. Her television appearances include Logo’s “Wisecrack” comedy show and the “Sandra Bernhard Experience.”

David Ilku first appeared in various performances in New York City night clubs. He has worked in theater projects with the New York Theater Workshop, Drama Dept., the Culture Project, and TWEED Theater Works, among others. His film credits include Imagine I’m Beautiful, Love Hunter, In Our Nature, Fair Game, Full Grown Men, Risk, Blue Steel, Godass, Night Journey, and Liquid Sky. He also co-wrote and performed the short film Salvation for Giorgio Armani. TV credits include: "Difficult People," “Spin City,” “The Cosby Show,” and Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.” He is one-half of the comedy duo The Dueling Bankheads, and was an Island Records recording artist in the band World at a Glance.

Praise for Unitard:

"It's everything: off the charts funny, brilliant, edgy, scathing, out there. Unitard hits it hard!” - Sandra Bernhardt

“I spit out my cocktail! One continual laugh from start to finish” - Jennifer Coolidge

"Outrageous! I laughed so much and I'll be going back.” - Debbie Harry

“She-larious!” - RuPaul

"Hysterical! Clever! Sketch comedy at its best.” - Lady Bunny

“Insanely Funny. A Must-See.” - Fashion Week Daily (Sergio Kletnoy)

“A triumphant trio in an entertaining night of comedy.” - Manhattan Digest

“Intellectual comedy for cultured people. Hilarious sketches … packed with edgy humor.” - OUT

"This sterling comic trio is a scream." - Michael Musto / OUT

“It all comes so fast and funny . . . Smart and hilarious." - World of Wonder’s WOW Report

“The second biggest riot the Stonewall Inn has ever seen. [Unitard] does what Second City and SNL have always done, but haven't done well in decades. That's why the show feels classic and brand-new at the same time.”- Boy Culture

“Fresh, Genuine, Genius. Brilliantly funny and honest social commentary.” - Gayletter

"The three launch cynicism and media skepticism into orbits of hilarity." - AOL Anywhere

"A satirical triumph with no time to apologize for its hipness." - The Boston Globe

"Comic gold!" - Boston Herald

"All I can say is: ‘It's about time!’ Hilarious.” - IN News Weekly

"The very definition of edge." - Bay Windows

“Rapid-fire sketch comedy . . . Unitard has certainly distinguished itself with their razor sharp writing and savage performances. Their satirical edge is spot on.” - Provincetown Magazine


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Kathryn Musilek

Shark Party Media

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