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“Their comedy accepts the reality of being twins but does not use it as a crutch. Instead, they work their physical and mental similarities and correspondences, their status as imperfect carbon copies of each other. In their comedy the straight man is often an echo.” -New York Times

WHO: RANDY AND JASON SKLAR: comedy duo, twins, popular podcasting team and sports commentators

WHAT: Live taping of their upcoming, hour-long comedy special, poised to air on Audible Channels and Seeso later this year.

WHERE: CHICAGO: Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave.

WHEN: Two shows on February 11th, 2017, at 7pm and 9pm

HOW: They are available for interview and media opportunities.

All press inquiries to Kathryn Musilek:

For tickets visit:

The Sklar Brothers are excited to announce the upcoming, Audible-produced taping of their one-hour comedy Seeso special, February 11th at Lincoln Hall. Counting Chicago as one of their very favorite spots to visit and perform in, the duo are available for interviews and appearance opportunities leading up to the night of the taping. The special will also be released as an album on Audible Channels, Audible’s new unlimited, advertising-free, on-demand listening service featuring comedy, news, entertainment, exclusive shows and more. Channels is available as a free benefit to Audible members, and can be purchased as a stand-alone offering for $4.95 a month.

They have released 4 critically acclaimed comedy albums, have had two Comedy Central Half Hour Presents specials, and currently have a one hour stand up special on Netflix, titled “What Are We Talking About."

Randy and Jason are also writers, directors and actors appearing in a wide variety of shows from Entourage to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Maron, to Curb Your Enthusiasm. They are currently recurring characters on TruTV’s Those Who Can’t.

However, they are perhaps most well known for their show Cheap Seats, a cult hit that appeared on ESPN Classic for 77 episodes.

Their popular sports/comedy podcast Sklarbro Country is available on the Earwolf Podcasting Network. Beginning January 17th, 2017 they will launch a new podcast “DumbPeopleTown” on the Feral Audio Podcast Network.

Most importantly, Randy and Jason are fathers and husbands living in Los Angeles. (not with each other — that would be weird.)

About Audible Inc.

Audible Inc., the world’s largest seller and producer of downloadable audiobooks and other spoken word entertainment, has announced a new selection of comedy available exclusively on Audible Channels. Showcasing top-tier comedic talent and featuring the premium quality and sound design that customers have come to expect from Audible productions, listeners can download the Audible app and enjoy on-demand, ad-free and thoughtfully curated content including:

• The complete first season of Bedtime Stories for Cynics, presented by Nick Offerman, featuring inappropriate children’s stories for adults. Featuring guests Lewis Black, Maria Bamford, Tommy Chong, Brent Weinbach and Patton Oswalt.

• Hold On with Eugene Mirman, in which the host pauses funny live stories and gets his special comedian guests, including “Weird Al” Yankovic, Jim Gaffigan and Lisa Lampanelli, to divulge new details.

• Hot Mic with Dan Savage, a collection of awkward, poignant and hilarious stories about lust, longing, and lewd behavior hosted by the sex advice columnist.

• The complete first season of Sounds like America, hosted by a rotating cast of seasoned comics including Rob Delaney and Roy Wood Jr.; each episode covers a different American pastime, region, characteristic, event, or zeitgeist.

• Limelight, hot and fresh stand-up from comedy clubs across America, with a new theme and a new host – from T.J. Miller to George Lopez – in each episode.

• Audible Comedy Specials, featuring highlights from the funniest festivals, early access to album releases, and exclusive live recordings including episodes with Jen Kirkman, Brian Posehn, and other notable comedians.

• McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, dramatic performances of the very best pieces from McSweeney’s literary humor site.

For more information about Audible Channels and the wide array of comedy shows found therein, please visit

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