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January 12th Launch Party for the Web Series at Videology in Brooklyn

“By far the best pilot I saw this year was Becky Yamamoto’s Uninspired... Yamamoto’s very much working in the cringe-comedy vein, but she’s got a great eye for detail and ways to embarrass her character” - AV Club

"...pleasantly refreshed by Yamamoto’s comedy. Much of it is embedded in cues within her dialogue that make you smile and think "God damn it, same!". BUST

"’s a perfect example of the kind of relatable, yet uniquely personal comedy product that resonates because it rings so true". - Splitsider

INDIEWIRE Named 'Uninspired' One of

"15 Women-Driven Web Series That Could Be the Next 'Broad City'"

WHO: Becky Yamamoto, NYC comedian and actor, and Adam Wirtz

WHAT: Launch party and screening for Season 2 of the acclaimed web series, UNINSPIRED, which will premiere online January 13th.

WHERE: Videology, 308 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

WHEN: Thursday, January 12th, 2017 at 7pm

HOW: For press inquiries, or to RSVP for the event contact Kathryn Musilek:


Season 2 of Uninspired is poised for a January 12th, 2017 launch party at Videology in Brooklyn, NY. The 6-episode season is set for a wide digital release of episode 1 on Friday, January 13th. The series will be released with one episode each Friday thereafter.

Season 1 of Uninspired caught the eye and respect of the press including Indiewire who named it one of the 15 Women-Driven Web Series that Could Be The Next Broad City'. Splitsider called it uniquely personal comedy that "rings so true," and the AV Club said that the series 1 pilot was "by far the best pilot [they] saw" at NYTVF.

Uninspired follows the winding and wandering life of Sarah, who tries her hand at adulting while managing friendships, romantic relationships and oh yeah, a job. While in the midst of her millennial ennui, she spends time with an old enemy, breaks up with her boyfriend and continues working at a mind-numbing job. Her nightmare is almost too real when Jesus hits on her at her own wedding. Real life gets worse as er ex boyfriend moves on without her and she walks hand in hand into the sunset with a random guy she meets at a cafe.

Becky Yamamoto, creator and star of Uninspired is a NY based comedian and writer. She co-wrote and co-starred in the webseries pilot 2 Chans which won Best Actress (Comedy) at NYTVF. Uninspired was an official NYTVF selection and received acclaim from AV Club, Indiewire, Mic, Bust and Glamour. She has appeared in independent films such as Fort Tilden and 3rd St. Blackout. She also appears in the second season of the critically acclaimed Vimeo series The Outs.


Kathryn Musilek

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