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Paul Morrissey's 'Ice Cream vs. Everything'

PAUL MORRISSEY - Ice Cream vs Everything (6000 x 6000  300 dpi) FINAL.jpg

*Advance album stream available by request*

*Pre-order available beginning 7/28, includes instant gratification track*

Blonde Medicine and Paul Morrissey are pleased to announce the Friday, August 11 release of Ice Cream vs. Everything, a new full-length comedy album available everywhere streaming audio is enjoyed. On Ice Cream vs. Everything, Paul Morrissey shares stories of growing up in upstate New York in front of a packed audience in Jamestown, NY (who of course protest that Jamestown is actually western New York). He covers themes including foods he’s never eaten, comedy stemming from neuroses, things he thinks about when he cannot sleep, material about his former job as a TV Sports Anchor, and jokes about experiences that have happened during the last ten years of touring all 50 states as well as 18 countries. 


Paul’s goal as a kid was to guest on The Late Show with David Letterman. He actually skipped high school to see a taping: 


“Me and my friend Willie drove 3 hours to NYC to see a taping, and it blew my mind. I just wanted to be a part of Dave’s fun world. I didn’t know if I could be an usher at the theater or a camera guy, but I just knew I wanted to be a part of it. To be on that show was the only goal I ever had in comedy and was as great as I thought it was going to be.” 


Paul achieved his dream when he was one of the final comedians to debut on “Letterman” while promoting his last album Paul Morrissey’s Back. 


His new album Ice Cream vs. Everything proudly represents his career since then. Says Paul: 


“I’m fascinated by human behavior, I love to be a fly-on-the-wall, to travel to strange places, to watch how people behave and do things. The world can be a heavy place, and my comedy hopefully is where people forget about problems and laugh at the silly things my weird brain comes up with.”  


This is Paul’s best material, recorded live in the historic Tropicana Room in the Lucille Ball Museum at the National Comedy Center. The venue is close enough to where Paul grew up that a few people surprised him from his hometown - some of the stories and jokes featured on Ice Cream vs. Everything are about people that were actually in the room!



1. An Introduction from Turner Sparks

2. On Spelling, Math & P.E

3. Not a Big Runner

4. I Love Upstate NY (Most of the Time)

5. Scooter Drama and Floaters

6. Addressing the Married People in the Room

7. Keep it Haawwd!

8. Taking Care of Face & Body

9. International Ice Cream Debates

10. Pro-Ice Cream / Anti-Soup

11. Jealous of the Beard

12. Not a Big Jewelry Person

13. The Greatest Store Ever

14. Getting to the Bottom of Food Stuff

15. Hauntings at the Hotels

16. Career Advice from Paul Morrissey

17. An Ode to Larry (the Irish Bus Driver)

18. Picky Eater

19. Bad Football & Lazy Baseball

20. The Bright Side of Mental Illness

21. How Many People Have (Good) Tattoos?

22. Late Night Person


Paul Morrissey first became well-known for his many late night TV appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman and The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Paul headlines theaters and comedy clubs around the world. He headlined the 4th of July Armed Forces Entertainment Tour for US Troops in Iraq. He's headlined the Magner's Comedy Festival in Asia, the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland and Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Paul co-hosted the popular Come To Papa podcast and radio show with Tom Papa on Sirius XM. He has also appeared in the Nike Riquickulous commercials with NBA star Chris Paul. Paul's one hour comedy special A Real Humdinger has over 15 million views on Facebook and Youtube.


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