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Parks and Recollection


Treat yo’ self! Join Jim O’Heir - a.k.a. Jerry Gergich - and writer Greg Levine as they *literally* break down every episode of Parks and Recreation. From Ron Swanson’s love of various meats to Leslie Knope’s unwavering commitment to the people of Pawnee (and waffles), each week Jim and Greg relive their municipal glory days with exclusive behind-the scenes stories from the set and writers’ room. And along the way, they’re joined by cast members, writers, and friends of the show - people like Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, Aisha Muharrar, and Jon Glaser. Whether this is your first time watching or you feel like a Parks Department regular, grab your favorite Sweetums snack and let DJ Roomba drop the beat!

About the hosts:

While mostly recognized for playing the office punching bag, Jerry Gergich,  on “Parks and Recreation”, Emmy winner Jim O’Heir has graced the small screen on a regular basis for the last 30 years. Partial credits include; “Better Call Saul,” “Brooklyn 99,” “911,” “Boston Legal,” “Friends,” “Criminal Minds”, “Ally McBeal,” “Diagnosis Murder,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” Star Trek Voyager,” “Just Shoot Me,” and countless other critically acclaimed shows. Jim can also be seen in a number of feature films. He worked with Stephen Soderbergh on “LUCKY LOGAN”. He has played alongside Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in Focus Features’ “SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD” as well as starring in Ned Crowley’s feature film MIDDLE MAN which won the Grand Jury Prize for New American Cinema at the Seattle International Film Festival. Jim also loves the opportunity to go back to his roots in theater. As for life off screen, O’Heir stays busy with a mix of activities including; boating, travel, poker and seizing as many opportunities as possible to cross paths with old Hollywood greats. He is also a self-proclaimed pet lover and supports various organizations that work to protect the wellbeing of animals. You might not want to carpool with Jim, as he is very open about his appreciation for Barry Manilow and the occasional Broadway show tune.


Greg Levine is a writer and producer hailing all the way from North Hollywood. He wrote on “Parks and Recreation,” having worked on the series for all seven seasons. Greg has had roles in “I Love You, Man,” “Arrested Development,” and “Parks and Recreation” — as a guy on a Jewish dating website, a Jewish lawyer, and a guy named “Jewish Greg”... so if you see a pattern here, please let his rabbi know what it is. In his free time, Greg enjoyed seeing live music, volunteering at his old summer camp, and discovering new restaurants despite his weak stomach. Then he became a dad and time was no longer his. R.I.P. Free Time.


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