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OZY Confidential


OZY Media, the daily information source for important stories told nowhere else, announces the launch of a new podcast, OZY CONFIDENTIAL on January 14, 2019.  Hosted by OZY Editor-at-Large Eugene S. Robinson, OZY CONFIDENTIAL offers raw, rant-o-riffic crosstalk from the edge, delving into the dark stuff often left unsaid. Robinson gets heavy, deep and real with everyone from a world renowned Nietzsche scholar who left behind a PhD for life as a crack whore, to Boston Irish Mafia's Kevin Weeks.The first two episodes of OZY CONFIDENTIAL will be released on January 14, 2019. 


The launch of OZY CONFIDENTIAL builds on the success of OZY’s hit podcast series, The Thread. The Thread takes listeners on a journey through time, turning back the clock to uncover how people and moments in history are connected through an unthinkable thread. Now in its third season, The Thread premiered in the Top 10 of Apple Podcast Charts, and has received critical acclaim from The New York Times, The Guardian, and many more.


“OZY has a commitment to high quality, provocative storytelling and believes strongly in the audio space as a medium by which to relay these stories,” said Carlos Watson, co-founder and CEO of OZY Media. “With the breakout success of The Thread, we’re excited to double and tripledown on Podcasts, developing original series that take listeners outside of their comfort zone, and expose them to unexpected perspectives. OZY CONFIDENTIAL does just that.” 


Episode one, “I’ll Go First,” is a no-punches-pulled tell-all about his journey from purist to steroid abuser, from Eugene S. Robinson himself. Setting the tone for the honest and illuminating nature of these stories, Robinson is as honest as he is humble and warm in explaining the rationales and consequences of becoming addicted and kicking the body-building drugs. Episode two, “Gun In Mouth Blues” brings in the first guest on the series, former Marine Corps medic turned suicidal PTSD-addled vet, Max More. He finds redemption in a bar of soap.


OZY's Eugene S. Robinson is a journalist, actor, novelist, fighter, post-punk frontman and a former steroid junkie who's marked time with a bleary bevy of interviewees from Samuel L. Jackson to convicted murderer Sam McBride to Nick Cave, Gus Van Sant, Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins and many more. His podcast voice and voicings as the heart of OZY CONFIDENTIAL are trenchant, cutting and quick as all get out. A man for all seasons and a confessional professional.


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