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Nick Newhouse

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A night of sleep can vary dramatically from person to person, night to night. For Nick Newhouse, this time of rest invites a creative maelstrom that he works into his music, moving his art into an imaginative new direction. 


Every Night (In My Dreams), the debut single from electronic artist Nick Newhouse, spearheads Nick's new musical project. The soundscapes, lyrics, and visuals all touch on Nick Newhouse’s love-hate relationship with sleep, sleep deprivation, dreams, nightmares, and underwater spaces. The single speaks to his obsession over the rigid dichotomy between beauty and terror, which functions as a through-line for Newhouse’s general sonic landscape. The chorus brings his existentialism sharply into focus while the sleepy vocal deliveries imply a sort of jadedness. 


After working and re-working on a rough demo of the track, Nick Newhouse was consistently drawn to the song's potential. He used an early draft of the instrumental to craft the chorus, adding a haunting lower layer to the vocal early on to give it a sense of uneasiness.


About Nick Newhouse:


Nick Newhouse spends an inordinate amount of time carefully escorting bugs out of his New York City apartment. This says more about Nick than New York and is partly why he’s heavily focused on existential themes as he departs from his more dance-oriented roots. 


His combination of dark lyrical themes and haunting production with lush melodies and harmonies treads the fine line between ethereal and unnerving. Sourcing inspiration from liminal underwater spaces and dream worlds, his music is designed to serve as a cathartic force for listeners who hate going to sleep but never want to wake up. 


Nick’s debut single, Every Night (In My Dreams), is the first of several songs he plans to release in 2021. Paired with a music video that distills many of Nick’s non-musical influences (and fears), Every Night introduces the sonic and visual aesthetic for the project but is only the tip of the iceberg

Nick Newhouse Resources:

Instagram: @nicknewhousemusic

Twitter: @nicknewhouse

SoundCloud: Nick Newhouse

YouTube: Nick Newhouse


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Sean Joyce


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