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Mike Carrozza

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Blonde Medicine is pleased to announce the September 4, 2020 release of Cherubic, the debut full-length comedy album from Mike Carrozza. According to Carrozza, Cherubic is about

“appreciating yourself and turning dumb thoughts you think into a nice time for everybody. It doesn’t have to make sense, but it has to make people happy.”

Carrozza describes his stand-up persona as a “fun silly boy”, one that is playful, absurd, and naive, but there’s an “alt comedy” element too; Carrozza likes to play with the expectations of comedy and remind the audience that they are being entertained. Sure, the show is immersive, but you’ll be reminded: “This is performance.”


Cherubic was recorded in back-to-back performances at The Ossington in Toronto. While he knew the late show would be packed, Mike wasn’t sure he was going to fill every seat in the early show. Rather than stare at a handful of empty seats, he printed out encouraging words, and had friends tape them to seats before the show started. That way, if people didn’t sit in a seat, he’d see the encouragement he wrote to himself from the stage and soldier on. He just kept reading the page that said “SMILE THIS IS YOUR DREAM COME TRUE ISN’T THAT CRAZY?!?". Cherubic is a silly, high energy romp through Mike’s brain (you get a nice taste of it from his quirky track titles).  He muses on things like how chefs kiss, what he would do when performing on a late night show, and deleted scenes from the Saw franchise. 


Carrozza’s parting words:

“I am a good comedian. I am a strange flavour, but the people who like it really get into it. I’m proud of this album. It’s loud, it’s silly, it’s me.”

Mike Carrozza is a “fun silly boy” who grew up watching all the Just For Laughs he could. The Comedy Network (Canadian Comedy Central) was always on at his house. He doesn't remember being into kid’s cartoons, instead preferring sitcoms and Whose Line is it Anyway? Carrozza’s dad would tell him street jokes and Mike would bring them to school which earned him a reputation for comedy before he was 10, and led to his being drafted to host school events and performances. By high school Mike was writing sketches in his notebooks during class. Somehow he passed, despite being focused solely on writing funny things. By then, listening to stand-up albums in the car such as Doug Benson’s Professional Humoredian, made Carrozza realize “this guy is having so much friggin fun, I want to try this”. That’s what started him on his path.


Today, Carrozza has become an international headliner known for his high energy performance style. He has gotten to work with some of his favorites (Tig Notaro, Todd Glass, Kyle Kinane, etc). Mike hosts Catching Up with Carrozza, a talk show on Twitch every Friday night at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Carrozza also hosts a music podcast called xBummerxBoysx where he and co-host Alex Kolanko talk about songs that made them sad that week. Previous guests include DeAnne Smith, Shane Torres, Gulfer’s David Mitchell, Dave Ross, Banger’s Blayne Smith, and Spanish Love Song’s Dylan Slocum. 


Mike has performed at festivals such as Just For Laughs, ZooFest, Fringe, and Pouzza (Montreal), High Plains Comedy Festival (Denver), Burning Bridges (Pittsburgh), Treefort and 208 (Boise), Crom (Omaha), and HIGHlarious (Seattle).


CHERUBIC track list:

  1. Speak Right Into The Microphone, You'll Do Fine.

  2. Do That Expressions Chunk People Seem To Like.

  3. Mike! Mike! Mike! Yeah!

  4. Okay, Now You Do The Smooching Chefs.

  5. Aren't You Italian? I Think Drake's Italian Too, Right?

  6. You Gotta Do Warm Ups, Bud.

  7. You Wanna Tell 'Em About The Saw Franchise?

  8. Okay, Now's Your Chance, Late Night Bookers Are Listening.

  9. Show 'Em All Your Impressions. You're the King of the Long Walk!

  10. Montréal, Je T'aime.

  11. Let 'Em Know You Know What Sex Is! You Are Champion Baby!

  12. This Is My Shortest Joke. Perspective.

  13. Tell Your Parents You Love Them.

  14. Do That Dumb Bear Impression, It's Cute. They'll Love It.

  15. Please, Publish My Gum.

  16. B-B-B-Bonus Track *Gunshot Gunshot Airhorn Airhorn* Nonna's Famous Recipe.


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