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Melinda Hill


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Comedy Dynamics has announced that they’ve acquired Melinda Hill’s comedy special, Inappropriate, and will release it through the Comedy Dynamics network, their hybrid distribution system composed of Comcast, Amazon Prime Video, Spectrum, Apple TV, Dish, Google Play, DirecTV, Vimeo, YouTube and many more on October 20, 2020. The album will be available on Sirius XM, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and more on October 23, 2020.


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Melinda Hill uses laughter as medicine in this comedy special about moving from trauma bonding to trauma mending. Imparting insights and crushing confessions punctuated by punchlines in a soul-baring storytelling style, she reflects on transformation, transcendence and triumph of the human spirit. Inappropriate is its own genre where healing meets comedy; it's heal-arious.


As a way of taking the edge off of moving 27 times as a kid with her bipolar dad, Melinda retreated into a fantasy world and wrote little 2-person plays for her brothers and her to star in, inventing characters and fictional family trees. Years later she’s still creating characters and stories to convey messages of empowerment, healing and self- love, advocating for equal rights and giving voice to the voiceless. Her special and her podcast LET’S PROCESS THIS explore turning trauma into creative treasure by rewriting narratives, and the inspiring journeys of her comedian and celebrity guests who’ve done so. Inspired by the #MeToo movement to look at inappropriate behavior and keep a conversation going about healing and solution, both societal and in her own life, Inappropriate was born.


Melinda Hill is an award-winning comedian, writer and actress who can be seen in the romantic comedy Love, Weddings and Other Disasters opposite Diane Keaton and Jeremy Irons, the Emmy and Peabody winning series Adventure Time, Netflix’s Lady Dynamite, as well as appearances on NBC, CBS, FOX, Showtime, Comedy Central’s Reno 911, Sarah Silverman Program and more. Her comedy explores transformation, transcendence and triumph of the human spirit through the use of characters, storytelling, physical comedy and general silliness. She’s performed for troops all over the world and created digital series which have garnered millions of views on multiple platforms. Her series The Program, co-created with Maria Bamford, was named one of LA Weekly’s “10 Best Web Series” and her series Romantic Encounters was recognized for “Outstanding Acting and Writing in a Comedy Series” by LA Weekly Web Awards, LA Web Fest, IndieWire, and LA Film Fest. The viral sketch Confessions of a Tooth Fairy she co-created with Kristen Wiig continues to inspire aspiring tooth fairies all over the world.


Melinda Hill has been celebrated by some of the funniest women in the comedy world, including Margaret Cho, who said “Melinda is hilarious and inventive! Her comedy is a fantastic whirlwind of wit and imagination. I love her shows!”


“Melinda inspires me with her prolific creativity and is hilariously, dryly funny,” said Maria Bamford.


“Super excited and grateful to collaborate with Comedy Dynamics on sharing this special and using humor to keep the conversation going about transformation, empowerment and healing,” said Melinda Hill.“


Melinda is surely a rising star in the comedy world and we’re so excited to releasing her hilarious new special!” said Brian Volk-Weiss, Founder and CEO of Comedy Dynamics. 

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