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Life Sucks

Presented by Dinner for One

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Set in 2001, Anytown, USA, Life Sucks is the story of Ally (13), Jake (13) and Max (13), three preteens struggling through the most awkward phase of their lives: middle school. After being kicked out of their own friend groups and having nowhere else to turn, the three reluctantly come together to face puberty, popular kids, rumors, gossipy teachers and their feelings for one another in a post-millennial, pre-wireless world. Life Sucks is an absurd and heart-felt dark comedy about remembering the time in your life you wish you could forget. Similar to Wet Hot American Summer, the central teenage characters of the show are played by 20-somethings, to remind viewers that the same problems and insecurities from when we were thirteen continue to be relevant well into adulthood.​


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