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Lustily Ever After


LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL is the award-winning, first-ever audiobook musical for adults! LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL can be heard on Audible and Amazon but for ONE NIGHT ONLY, the creator and cast will bring LUSTILY EVER AFTER live to the stage! This musical parody combines spicy spoken-word storytelling with ’90s pop-inspired songs, lampooning a titillating collection of romance tropes. LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL pushes the limits of sexual innuendo right to the edge before tipping over into the throws of uproarious ridiculousness. The live performance will include an abridged live reading and concert style performance of select musical numbers.


WHERE: UCB SUNSET THEATER 5419 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027 (323) 908-8702


WHEN: Wednesday, February 19, 10:30PM


HOW: Tickets available at UCB SUNSET THEATER. 


WHO: LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL was created and composed by Stephanie Bentley, with a spicy story penned by erotica ghostwriter Miranda Rayand and performed by a multitalented musical cast from the Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade. Accompanying creator Stephanie Bentley onstage will be cast members Carolyn Jania and Henry Kaiser. Bios available here.



Creator Stephanie Bentley’s inspiration for LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL came from her unusual day job. “I’m a romance audiobook narrator by day and a musical theater performer by night. Every day in the booth, I giggle at the same tropes coming up again and again. Then these song lyrics just started coming to me, “The models in my bed don’t keep me warm at night,” for example. I started writing and pretty soon, the whole musical just came tumbling out!”. LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL covers the span of romance novel clichés from the brooding playboy to the fake romance with sprinkles of paranormal love. The story is sultry, silly, snarky—and hilarious. Chapter titles are sung in harmonies invoking the R&B group En Vogue. The characters voice their own dialogue and routinely burst into song, as they fumble through pillow talk, and relive steamy memories in songs such as “Talkin’ Dirty” and “50 Shades of Lay.”


When sassy Raleigh Jackson interviews for a six-week contract to be the fake girlfriend of Trystan Lay—schmillioniare playboy, politician, ex-Navy Seal, songwriter/astronaut, and “the world’s most perfect human”—she knows the outcome will change her life. A student/waitress/intern living with her obligatory best friend, Kim, Raleigh overcomes her medical condition—chronic clumsiness—and snags the job, thus beginning a whirlwind of extravagant travel and glitzy events.


STEPHANIE BENTLEY is the creator and composer of LUSTILY EVER AFTER: THE AUDIOBOOK MUSICAL, a funny, sexy love story inspired by romantic fiction and ’90s pop music. Stephanie is a musical theater/musical improv comedy performer and audiobook narrator with experience acting in television and film. She studied improv at Upright Citizens Brigade and has performed all over Los Angeles and New York.





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