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Laugh Exchange LIVE

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On September 8th, Laugh Exchange LIVE is taking place at Littlefield in Brooklyn to introduce comedy fans and performers to Laugh Exchange, a game-changing new mobile comedy app.

Laugh Exchange is the future of mobile comedy, and we want you to join us there! The beautifully designed app launches October 2018 with a exciting short-form comedy competition show. Creators will submit material for themed episodes in advance, and the top eight contestants compete for prize money on the streaming show, which airs three nights a week. Winners are chosen by interactive audience vote. But don’t worry - at Laugh Exchange, everyone wins! All creators who submit will have their material featured on the app. After each show, creators can easily share their submissions to other social channels, directly from
the app. Audience members can also make money from watching and voting. Laugh Exchange’s format of simple, real-time episodes and a gamified engagement and compensation model is fresh, exciting and rewarding for anyone who loves a good laugh.


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