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800 Pound Gorilla Records is pleased to announce the July 24, 2020 release of Trampoline In A Ditch, the new full-length comedy album from Kyle Kinane. With four albums, three specials, and numerous film and TV credits under his belt, this time Kyle chose to play with the constraints of what a comedy release could be; pairing the full-length audio album with a wild, visually striking animated short from Meister that brings several bits to life in a truly fantastic way. According to Anthony Leo and Damion Greiman from 800 Pound Gorilla Records:


"Imagine a world where animation is King and comedy is the undercurrent of life. Wrapped in this enigmatic beast is the voice of Kyle Kinane, directing the existence of the realm. Colors are tasteless and the sights flood your ears. It’s a reality that typically takes you directly to the capitol of the Twilight Zone but, instead, has birthed this Kinane/Meister driven masterpiece - a world of pure imagination. As the saying goes, 'If you want to view paradise, simply ask Kyle and Meister to do it. Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it.'"


The team of animators at Meister readily took up the challenge and are proud of the results. Says CJ at Meister:


"It's a rare pleasure for Meister to be given complete creative freedom for a project like this. We loved the challenge of matching Kyle's energy and enthusiasm in his stand up with weird and wild visuals. Our team enjoyed trying to be half as funny as he and I hope it comes across in the execution. Kyle and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with and I'm excited for the world to listen to the full album."


Trampoline In A Ditch was recorded live before an uproarious audience at Madison On State in Madison, WI, a venue beloved by countless touring comedians, Kyle included. The material on Trampoline In A Ditch evolved through Kyle's road work. Much was written and polished since his 2016 album Loose in Chicago, but Trampoline In A Ditch also includes a number of previously-unreleased, time-tested stories and bits from throughout Kyle's long career that have become instrumental to his live set, all-the-while being honed and sharpened. Kyle describes Trampoline In a Ditch as simultaneously a "new album" and a collection of "b-sides and rarities". Clocking in at nearly an-hour-and-forty-five-minutes it is fair to call it both.


Throughout Trampoline In A Ditch, Kyle takes a swing at health care, American ignorance, the upside of gentrification, getting thrown out of Canada, bat genitalia, and what it means to be a white male comedian in 2020. He manages to find humor and truth simultaneously with material that speaks to everyone - in a voice that is instantly recognizable to legions of comedy fans. 


Album release schedule:

July 10: Album is exclusively available Pandora

July 24: Album is available on all digital audio platforms


Trampoline In A Ditch track listing

1. Architect

2. Advocate

3. Logistician

4. Virtuoso

5. Logician

6. Mediator

7. Defender

8. Adventurer

9. Commander

10. Protagonist

11. Executive

12. Entrepreneur

13. Debater

14. Campaigner

15. Consul

16. Entertainer


Kyle Kinane is a comedian from Addison, Illinois. According to Wikipedia, he is a notable person from that town. Other notable residents of Addison have been the boxer Leon Spinks and a woman who wrote poetry about Beanie Babies.


Raised in such a cultural fondue pot as this, it was natural for Kyle to find his way from warehouse work into show business. As a comedian, he has been seen on Conan, The Tonight Show, Netflix’s The Standups, and three of his own hour-length specials on Comedy Central. As an actor, he’s been in the Judd Apatow series Love and truTV’s Those Who Can’t. He also appeared on Drunk History, where unfortunately he wasn’t acting. As a voice-over actor, he was the former voice of Comedy Central for 8 years and currently plays Bullet on the Netflix series “Paradise PD.” He is also cohost of the Boogie Monster podcast along with Dave Stone, and the streaming show “Hey Girl” with Matt Braunger. As a musician, he has done nothing, as he is not a musician.


“When you’re here, you’re family.”


Trampoline in a Ditch - Album Art
Trampoline in a Ditch - Album Art


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Kyle Kinane by Kevin Shiramizu
Kyle Kinane by Kevin Shiramizu
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Kyle Kinane by Callie Biggerstaff
Kyle Kinane by Callie Biggerstaff


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