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Kyle Ayers

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Blonde Medicine is pleased to announce the October 16, 2020 release of Happiness, the debut full-length comedy album from Kyle Ayers. Kyle explains the title this way: "I try very hard to be positive and happy, but it doesn’t come easy. I put effort into it, and it’s up and down. I hope the album can bring people some Happiness. Plus, it’s fun to say 'Now you can buy Happiness' when the album comes out."


On Happiness, Kyle's comedy is often conceptual, sometimes edging into the bizarre, but maintains a familiarity that makes it feel like he is a friend sharing a crazy idea or observation with you. This is quite a trick given that you can simultaneously feel the live energy generated during this packed performance. The album is capped with an extended story entitled "Buying a Basket from Craigslist" where Kyle details how a simple inquiry about an everyday item for sale on Craigslist escalates into an insane email stand-off spanning months.


Happiness was recorded in front of a packed, energetic, pre-pandemic crowd in an outdoor show space in Echo Park. Kyle is fascinated in equal measure by the dynamics of live comedy performances, as well as by the jokes. Although recording outside on a Saturday night presented some difficulties, it allows Kyle to riff on the goings-on witnessed collectively by performer and audience - these include ambulances, birds, a cricket, and at one point someone literally skateboards into the album recording. Kyle wanted an album that feels as close as possible to “seeing me perform in person any given night, when I’ve got it all going...I think stand-up is best live”.

HAPPINESS track list:

  1. Introduction

  2. I Think We Both Know "How It's Going"

  3. Let's Just Call Me Kyle

  4. Having Sex with Quidditch Rules

  5. Jokes is Jokes

  6. Drafted by Chili's

  7. Cricket vs. Skateboarder vs. Wendy's Joke

  8. Grindstone Stevens

  9. I Love Dinosaur

  10. This Guy in the Woods Said I Should Collect Crabs

  11. It's Fun to Eat Something That Solves Your Problems

  12. Buying a Basket from Craigslist



In highschool Kyle went to see a comedy bill that included Mitch Hedberg. He had no idea people he had never heard of (at the time) could do stand up comedy. Mitch was so funny, and Kyle felt like he "discovered" him, and once bailed on a date to a school dance to go see Mitch again. Ayers accidentally began performing comedy himself when he was coerced by a friend to audition for an improv troupe in college. When the audience laughed, Kyle was hooked. At an open mic in Kansas City (Ayers' hometown), when he wasn’t old enough to be in the bar he used a fake ID and performed under the name on the ID. He bought a pack of cigarettes to complete the disguise and smoked eight of them to try and appear older, but he hates smoking, and was miserable and bombed. Then the host of the open mic told Kyle to kill himself. That experience scared him away from standup for a while, but “a while” ended.


Today Kyle Ayers is a comedian, writer, actor, and producer who has appeared on CONAN, Fuse, Comedy Central, VH1, as well as in the film Box Elder. He has performed multiple times at Just for Laughs where Time Out New York heralded him as a breakout star; and headlined all over the world, including Bonnaroo, The New York Comedy Festival, RIOT LA, The World Comedy Summit in Copenhagen, High Plains Comedy in Denver. He is the creator of Boast Rattle, a Compliment Contest, which now has its own show on SiriusXM, and was developed into the TV show “Nice One!” on Quibi, with Kyle as Executive Producer. He’s been heard on Comedy Central Radio, SiriusXM, Bob & Tom, and more.


Kyle's live show Never Seen It, where comedians rewrite famous movies and TV shows they’ve never seen, is now a top iTunes charting podcast on Starburns Audio, and his podcast Faking A Murderer, where he talked with comedians for hours about the show Making a Murderer (without revealing to them that he had never seen it) became a viral hit. Kyle has written for CBS, Comedy Central, TBS, Huffington Post, CNN, The New York Times, Wired, and more. He was the tweeter behind the internet sensation #roofbreakup, where he stumbled upon a couple breaking up on his roof in Brooklyn, and the entire world joined in. #roofbreakup was viewed over 10 MILLION times worldwide, appeared on NPR, BBC, Yahoo, Buzzfeed (2+ million views), and was even reenacted by Jerry Springer. The viral sensation haunts Kyle to this day. He also wrote and put on the satirical play Glengarry Glenn Beck, which is pretty much what you think it would be.


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