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Kjell Bjorgen

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Kjell began his stand up career in Los Angeles, CA. He gained some notoriety performing at the Chicago Comedy Festival.  He then hit the road to hone his craft. His hard work paid off when he was asked to be a part of the Lewis Black's Nothing's Sacred Tour. He has performed at both The Aspen Comedy Festival and Montreal Just For Laugh Festival. You may have seen him on NBC's Late Friday and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham.  



After nearly 20 years of performing stand-up across the country, Kjell Bjorgen is releasing his very first comedy album, Deliver Us From People, on February 22, 2019, via Blone Medicine. Kjell Bjorgen is a man of the people which makes his debut album an album of the people. On the record, Kjell masterfully works the room, mining for golden moments between he and his crowd at Minneapolis’ Sisyphus Brewing. There are unique perspectives from his time waiting tables in The Mall of America and being an uncle to his twin brother’s son. There are also magnificent stories of crashing his own birth and plenty of failed attempts at finding his one true love. Kjell’s charm is undeniable and Deliver Us From People is the debut album that we’ve always wanted from him - even if we didn’t yet know it.


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