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Kevin Casey White, 'Harangue'

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Kevin Casey White and 800 Pound Gorilla are pleased to announce the release of Harangue, Kevin’s debut comedy special! Harangue is available on March 3 everywhere streaming comedy can be found.


As a child, Kevin thought being a comedian looked like the coolest job in the world. He grew up with Robin Williams and Richard Pryor on VHS, and did his first open-mic two decades ago when he was just 18. Kevin really cut his teeth after moving from St. Louis to Chicago in 2011, and continued to grow with a move to NYC in 2016, although it hasn’t been a cakewalk: “I was working a dead end job waiting tables at a crappy sports bar in Manhattan, and I was miserable. My buddy, comic J.F. Harris told me ‘No one is coming to save us.’ The days of Carson calling you over to the couch are long gone. I wrote ‘Kevin Casey White is recording an album this year’ on a scrap of paper, which I hung next to my door.” 


Comedy audiences can rejoice that the motivational note worked! Filmed at The Comedy Corner Underground in Minneapolis which Kevin describes as "a weird little punk rock comedy club", Harangue captures the dynamically hilarious and chaotic feel of a real, live comedy show: “I wanted it to feel like a skate video and capture the essence of what my shows really feel like“ explains Kevin.


He gets dirty with seniors, teases Joe Rogan and ceiling fans, explores hell gigs, drinking and sobriety, break ups, the consequences of doing nice things for bad people, and how his balding head is causing him to lose his punk rock edge. Often veering off-script with off-the-cuff crowd work, Harangue reaches a crescendo when Kevin interacts with a front-row audience member to find out why she is seated next to an empty seat. When he learns that she was stood-up, he defends her honor with a well-aimed and thoroughly memorable cellular harangue!  


Brooklyn-based indie-comedy darling Kevin Casey White has been described by the Chicago Tribune as the “...physical expression of an exclamation point”. A cheerful cynic with a dynamic stage presence, Kevin balances polished written material with razor-sharp crowd work. 


Performing on tour and at festivals throughout the US and beyond, from The Fest in Gainesville, to “Romania’s Got Talent” has honed Kevin’s game and proven him a must-see rising star. He has appeared on Comedy Central’s Alternatino, as well as Audible’s Comedy Show Show where he was praised by hero Will Arnett (Bojack Horseman, Arrested Development) for his “fair, unbiased wit”.


Kevin co-hosts the podcast Close Calls with fellow comedian Lizzy Cassidy where guests share tales of times when they have nearly died. 


Established in 2016, 800 Pound Gorilla Media was started by managers of comedians in need of a company that would bring a modern focus of behavioral targeting, digital marketing and fan engagement around comedy video projects and audio. The company has released over 500 comedians' projects and has partnered with companies like Netflix, Kevin Hart’s LOL, and All Things Comedy. The company has also produced and released over 60 stand up comedy video specials on various platforms including two of the most successful comedy specials ever on YouTube, Mark Normand’s Out To Lunch and Matt Rife’s Only Fans.


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