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Kenice Mobley's 'Follow Up Question'

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Blonde Medicine is pleased to announce the release of North Carolina-born, New York comedy favorite Kenice Mobley’s debut stand-up album Follow Up Question on December 9, 2022. 


On Follow Up Question Mobley covers topics ranging from her hunky Tony Danza-esque therapist, and her relationship with her mom, to a questionable one night stand that spawns a business idea. Kenice’s material, while often blue, is balanced by a genuinely inquisitive style that engages the audience and draws in listeners to her outrageous stories and congenial wit.


Perhaps for Kenice, this same inquisitiveness led her to major in psychology and history in college, with plans to continue to a Ph.D. in psychology and on to a life of research and practice. These plans were derailed nearly a decade ago when, according to Kenice:


“I started (doing stand-up) after going to a show with a guy I was dating at the time. Or at least, he said it was a show. It was actually an open mic. I didn’t enjoy his comedy at all, and we had to break up shortly after, but I realized, if he can do this, I can do this too. Then I started listening to stand up albums compulsively and started writing.”


Kenice argues that comedy allows her to take the same curiosity in human behavior that drew her toward psychology and use it in her standup, which means she IS using that psychology degree!


Describing her comedy in five words in a recent Vulture interview, Kenice chooses:


“Absurd, biting, warm, intelligently stupid.”


1. Open and Honest

2. My Weed Regimen

3. Is 31 Too Old?

4. Why I Need A Therapist

5. Mom, I’m So Sorry

6. The Second Thing I’m Mad About

7. South Carolina and a One Night Stand

8. Hot Tip for Texting

9. Matchmaking at Union Hall

10. I Deserve It

11. I Don’t Want a Bad Boy

12. Be a Better Ally

13. Grilled Cheese and the Gender Divide


Kenice Mobley is a standup comedian and filmmaker who lives in Brooklyn, New York. Kenice performs standup comedy around the world and recently made her late night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In 2021, she was listed as one of Vulture’s Comedians You Should and WiIll Know. In 2022, she performed at the Netflix is A Joke Festival as part of the showcase show Introducing…..  Kenice worked on the BET Awards and By Us For Us, a sketch comedy series presented by Color of Change, and is currently part of the Creators Program at Comedy Central. Appearing regularly on SiriusXM, Kenice has hosted Complexify on ViceNews, Love About Town, a relationship podcast, and Make Yourself Cry,



Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take.Their genre-spanning releases can be found at


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