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Keeping Records

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In 1977 NASA sent the Voyager probe into space carrying offerings from Earth including two “Golden Records” which contained recordings of notable historic music, evocative nature sounds, and murmurs from contemporary life all used to paint a picture of humanity and the world at large. Things have changed a lot since 1977, so podcasters Caleb Hearon and Shelby Wolstein are trying their hand at an update with Keeping Records, talking with comedians, musicians, and other luminaries about what they would include on a new “Golden Record”.


On the next episode of Keeping Records out May 7, Caleb and Shelby are ecstatic to welcome Jon Lomberg, America’s preeminent space artist as a guest. Lomberg, who was responsible for the look of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and the cover of Contact was one of the architects of the original golden records. He referred to that endeavor as “an art project done by friends”, a quote that reportedly brought tears to the eyes of both Caleb and Shelby because it echoes the spirit of Keeping Records.


Says Caleb: “I think of this podcast as the same thing. It’s cultural criticism and gay nonsense and me and Shelby trying not to be SCARED OF THE SIZE OF THE UNIVERSE. Tell us about someone you love...we interview people about their favorite people.”


They try to make connections with people based on what they find important, and why, and what it might mean to… aliens!


Keeping Records is a Headgum podcast, and has featured guests such as Katie Kershaw, Negin Farsad, Lauren Lapkus, Beth Stelling, Sydnee Washington, and Sabrina Jalees. Episodes post weekly on Fridays wherever fine podcasts are streamed.



Caleb Hearon is a comedian, writer, and actor currently writing for Netflix’s upcoming animated series “Human Resources,” a spinoff of “Big Mouth.” Caleb is originally from Missouri and studied Sociopolitical Communication at Missouri State University. He then lived and performed in Chicago where his viral character videos attracted attention on Twitter. Caleb currently lives in Los Angeles and was recently named one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch.


You can also find Caleb doing At What Cost? shows around the country with his platonic life partner Holmes Holmes.



Shelby Wolstein is a comedian and writer originally from Cleveland (which she loves to talk about) but now is based in Los Angeles. She was an iO Theater Studio Eleven cast member.


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