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Jess Salomon, 'Sad Witch'

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Sad Witch is Jess’s second album and debut comedy special to be recorded with label 800 Pound Gorilla. In it she mines the comedy found on the other side of a tumultuous couple of years. At least she hopes she’s on the other side of it? She’s been wrong about that a few times. Hence, the title. 

Containing material patched together over the last two years(or maybe longer, it’s been a time!), Sad Witch runs the gamut from pandemic stresses on relationships, couples therapy, getting a hysterectomy on the day of the insurrection (a perfect alibi), her epic comedy origin story (move over Joker), to a hilarious defense of bisexuality! There is truly something for everyone.

Jess has been trying to give off positive, let’s say normal to positive vibes, even if that’s not how she’s been feeling. Apparently, she hasn’t quite been selling it. One night backstage at a show, the host asked her how she wanted to be introduced and she said, “just let them know I have a show tomorrow night called Sandwich.” He then went out on stage and said “your next comic is very funny, she has a show tomorrow night called SAD WITCH.” Absolutely, fair. And here we are.

Opening both shows is DeAnne Smith, an award winning comedian who has performed all over the world, has a special on Netflix, and also happens to be Jess’s best friend and hype-man who Jess would have been lost without these last few years.
Jess Salomon is a New York based Canadian comedian, who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Jess handles dark, sometimes dirty and often political topics with a light touch. She’s done lots of cool festivals including Just for Laughs, JFL42, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the New York Comedy Festival where she recorded her debut album, “All the Best Choices” with label, 800 Pound Gorilla.

She’s written for the award-winning sketch comedy show “Baroness Von Sketch” (IFC), CTV’s “The Beaverton”, and her comedy has aired on television in Canada on CBC and radio shows like SiriusXM’s “Canada Laughs” and CBC’s “LOL”.

Jess also performs as part of the beloved comedy duo, “The El-Salomon’s” with her wife Eman El-Husseini (@TheElSalomons). Their comedy special, “Marriage of Convenience” is available in the US on Just for Laugh’s YouTube page. They also co-hosted three seasons of the popular show / podcast “Comedians vs The News” on the BBC World Service.

You can catch Jess monthly at Union Hall where she co-hosts “Sandwich” with Gastor Almonte, a popular long running comedy show where comics sandwich new bits between their tried and true material. They also, giveaway an incredible sandwich don’t worry!


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