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Jessica Sele 'Weird Vibes'

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*Advance album stream available by request*

*pre-order available beginning 10/13, includes instant gratification tracks*

Blonde Medicine and Jessica Sele are pleased to announce the Friday, November 3 release of her debut full-length comedy album Weird Vibes, available everywhere streaming audio is enjoyed.


A So-Cal native and current LA resident, Sele was born in Cerritos (à la the auto square), but eventually got her start in comedy in college in Washington state, and cut her teeth in the Bay Area, hosting/producing The Mission Position at Lost Weekend Video which led to opening for beloved SF punk luminaries Jawbreaker.  


Weird Vibes is an album about the troubles of being perceived. Sele uses her off-kilter comedy - about being from LA but not being an Angeleno, the energy required to date men vs. women, and having the perfect body-type for the renaissance fair - to combat feeling like an outcast, in her audience and herself.


Says Sele: “It’s for people who feel like a weirdo when ultimately they’re fabulous and shouldn’t keep themselves from their adoring public.” 


Through absurdism, misdirection, and storytelling, Sele shares experiences and conversations related to divisive contemporary issues as well as some very unique intimate moments, along a comedic journey that is delightfully messy, unexpected and hilarious. Weird Vibes is a comedy album that might just make you think differently about that weirdo you know, especially if it’s you.



1. An Introduction from Steve Hernandez

2. Pubes in the 'Burbs

3. Just in Town for One Night

4. 'Thou Art Fair' at the Ren Faire

5. Vaxed, Not Waxed

6. Still on This Toxic Website

7. Disney Adult

8. Jessica from L.A.

9. My One Friend Growing Up

10. I'm Not a Perfect Person

11. Crazy to Think About My Drinking Years

12. My Sexuality is "Whatever"

13. "We Have the Same Scars", Said the Manatee

14. Take Care of Yourself



Jessica Sele is a Los Angeles-based comedian, host, and purveyor of comedic relief for lovable weirdos. Jessica got her start producing and hosting a popular weekly show in San Francisco at The Mission Position at Lost Weekend Video which included appearances by Ali Wong, Margaret Cho, and Maria Bamford. Considered a “hilarious and talented queer woman” by Bitch Magazine, Jessica has been featured at top comedy clubs across the nation, from The Hollywood Improv to The Comedy Attic. She has also appeared on Viceland’s Flophouse and performed with bands like Jawbreaker and Mount Eerie. 


When she's not touring the world's stage, Jessica hosts Chatterbox Comedy Night—the best bar comedy show in L.A.—and hosts the Undooming podcast, where she talks with guests about overcoming feelings of fear and helplessness. A friend to all creatures, Jessica once developed a web series about a daily news blog run by cockroaches. It did not do well.


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