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Jason Salmon

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Jason Salmon who you have seen on Orange Is The New Black and 30 Rock is releasing his debut full-length comedy album Force Of Nurture out October 23. Jason will celebrate with a release show in NYC at Stand Up NY on October 22 (ticket link here) and then kicks off a European tour for US troops stationed overseas. Additional civilian tour dates to follow. A full listing of dates is available at .


Jason Salmon Biography:

Born during a freak hailstorm in Texas, Jason sensed early on that something was off. It turns out, that something…was Comedy. Jason's mix of colloquial philosophy and absurdist observation have made him a must-see for comedy fans of all ages. His standup has been described as “…like getting the best advice you’ve ever gotten…from the dumbest guy you know.” He has headlined all over the US and performed abroad for the troops. His debut comedy album, Force of Nurture is out on October 23, 2018 available on iTunes and wherever you get your comedy. Jason has appeared on Orange is the New Black and 30 Rock, and in numerous commercials. His sketch comedy can be found on Funny or Die and YouTube.


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