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Stars and Stars with Isa


About Stars and Stars with Isa:

Imagine a show where a charismatic, funny, insightful astrologer sits down with interesting celebrities to read them their birth chart. That’s Stars and Stars with Isa; a show where we’ll find out what the planets reveal about our guest’s path in life. And unless you’re living under a rock, you know that there’s a massive interest in astrology in today’s culture— rising and moon signs are basic, required information to put on a dating profile, and everybody knows what it means when a new crush asks you: “What time were you born?” 

In each episode, our host and astrologer, Isa Nakazawa, sits down with some of the most talented stars of our time to read their astrological charts and chat with them about the insight from the sky. It’s a show that promises tearful moments, moments of self-love and self-discovery, and lots of laughs,


About Isa Nakazawa:

Isa Nakazawa is an Oakland-based writer, host and astrologer. After graduating from Wesleyan University in 2008 with a dual degree in Sociology and Performance Studies, Isa jumped coasts to join Youth Speaks, one of the country’s leading spoken word and literary arts organizations, as a teaching artist and poet mentor. She is a 2023 National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures (NALAC) Leadership Institute Fellow and currently the Director of Community Engagement at the BAVC Media, a community media hub and resource for media makers in the Bay Area, serving over 7,500 filmmakers, activists, and artists every year.

Isa hosts a bi-monthly public access show, Transmission Studio, featuring candid conversations with San Francisco’s independent artists. She writes about the transformative power of music for publications like Okayplayer and has hosted two community radio shows on Oakland’s own ADP.FM: The Parked Car and Rhizomatic Radio. She has produced and facilitated countless panels, workshops, film screenings, Q&A’s and events in the arts all across the country. 

Isa’s independent astrology and tarot practice is a tool for individual and social transformation. She has a passion for community radio, live music, rhizomes and the cosmos. At the core of her work is a fundamental belief in the interconnected nature of all beings. 


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