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Ian Lockwood

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We are pleased to announce the October 22, 2021 release of the Not Like Other Girls EP by Brooklyn underground comedy scene staple Ian Lockwood. Leading singles ‘Not Like Other Girls’ (out September 10) and ‘No Homo’ (out October 1) will be released with accompanying videos in the lead-up to the release of the full EP. The full EP and third single/video ‘Your Dad’ will be released on October 22. An EP release show is scheduled for October 22 at Brooklyn’s venerable Union Hall.


Lockwood is known for creating comedy pop earworms that are equal parts hilarious and catchy, and his hybrid approach to comedy music has brought him recognition as both a comedian and a musician. His debut, the Nasty EP was called a “tantalizing display of talent” (Comedy Cake) and “sheer curatorial dedication” (Brooklyn Reader). The Not Like Other Girls EP builds on this foundation - an infectious and uproarious record that scratches pop and comedy itches at the same time.


Brooklyn’s alt-comedy scene is all about pushing boundaries to see what works, and Lockwood is right at home in it. His work is experimental in the long tradition of New York artists, drawing inspiration from movements like East Village post-modern dance in the 60s, as well as punk rock NYC public access shows such as TV Party in the 70s and 80s. To Lockwood, this tradition of boundary-pushing artists has been hugely influential:  


“I came up in the dark basements, backyards, and back rooms of bars that is the Brooklyn comedy scene where, believe it or not, singing songs about banging someone’s dad or saying “no homo” in the 1800s or driving a tractor through the wall of a middle school is not that out there. On stage I’ve dumped cold soup on my head, coated a stage in lotion, made out with tons of people, performed an entire musical about female masturbation in drag, and done improv in a thong. I’ve learned from so many amazing gay and queer artists in my community, and I’m proud and grateful to carry their influence into my work.”


Usually, comedians are able to workshop new material on comedy stages, but this EP was written and recorded entirely in quarantine. Tracks were built at home, with vocals, and mixing done safely in the studio with producer Kyle Joseph. Lockwood had to maintain his vision on his own without the luxury of an audience feedback loop. This forces work to adhere more closely to themes rather than undergoing “edit by laugh-o-meter”, but this is a challenge to which Lockwood’s blend of music and comedy lends itself particularly well. The tracks on Not Like Other Girls deal with themes such as:


Hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance: Lockwood is delighted by the idea of characters who are outright vocal hypocrites. 

“I’ve come to realize that it’s one of the most human behaviors. I’ve found a lot of joy and comedy gold in blatant hypocrisy.” 


Relatable bad behavior taken so far and dark that it becomes unrelatable: Lockwood’s songs often play with bad impulses and thoughts that are pretty relatable, like being into your boyfriend’s dad (‘Your Dad’) or criticising others to make you feel better about yourself (‘Not Like Other Girls’). However Lockwood proceeds to transform those ideas from relatable dark impulses into glamorous horror fantasies to ask: what if you followed every bad impulse you had? And what would that make you?


The stereotype of the gay lecher: Whether fearing it (‘No Homo’), or promoting it (‘Your Dad’), as a gay man Lockwood loves to play with the offensive caricature of a lustful, malicious gay on the prowl.


Misplaced confidence: Many of Lockwood’s characters feel so empowered and immune to haters that they are unaware they have become complete monsters.


Not Like Other Girls EP tracklist:


1. Your Dad

2. Not Like Other Girls

3. Older Brother’s Friends

4. No Homo

5. You Can’t Keep Me Down


Ian Lockwood is a Brooklyn-based comedian and pop musician originally from Los Angeles. He  is the co-host of the stand-up show ‘Hot Teens’ at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective and has had recurring appearances on the Earwolf podcast Earwolf Presents. The Nasty EP released in 2020 introduced the comedy-pop style that has become Lockwood’s signature in the Brooklyn alt scene. He is an alumni of NYU Tisch's Experimental Theatre Wing, Second City's Comedy Studies, UCB, and The Annoyance Theatre NY, and his shows have been covered in Time Out, Brokelyn, Brooklyn Paper, Bedford+Bowery, and more. Check out for more info - it’s a cute site!




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