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Human Telegraphs

Human Telegraphs is a quirky female-driven webseries capturing the magic of strangers caught in unexpected intimate collisions in the big city.


When New York City roommates Trisha, Margot, and Lily find themselves in a financial pickle, they open a ‘human messenger' business delivering messages from customers verbatim to whomever, wherever, and in whatever style the customer chooses.


With personal and uncomfortably intimate words conveyed to strangers through their mouths, the budding entrepreneurs find themselves in bizarre interactions colored by varying hues of awkward, comedic, touching, and sexy pizazz.


Human Telegraphs offers a fun, voyeuristic view into personal relationships of friend and stranger alike and takes viewers behind New Yorkers’ closed doors to reveal the secret and authentic humans of New York.


The series was created by Three Bright Lights: a production company made up of Kayla Conroy, Rachel Barclay, and Fern Lim, who are committed to giving a platform to women in the film and television industry by incorporating them into leading roles and defying the traditional female character tropes often portrayed on screen. Their goal with Human Telegraphs is to create a show that’s outrageously funny, depicts powerful women on screen, has heart and depth, and that conveys multifaceted ways friends and strangers communicate with each other in the 21st century. Human Telegraphs broaches questions like, ‘What constitutes as ‘private’ in a buzzing urban landscape and what happens when third parties find themselves entangled in other people’s juicy, comedic, awkward, and drama-filled affairs?’


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