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How to Be Fine with Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer


About Jolenta Greenberg:

Jolenta Greenberg is a New York-based comedian, podcaster, author, and self-appointed reality TV historian. Her thoughts on pop culture have been featured on NPR and The BBC, and her comedic e-book Modern Harpies is an Amazon best seller. Jolenta created and co-hosts the popular podcast, By the Book with Kristen Meinzer. The show has been featured in Time, The Washington Post, NPR and many other media outlets. She and Kristen also wrote the book, How to Be Fine and co-hosted the Audible Original, Romance Road Test. 

About Kristen Meinzer:
Kristen Meinzer is an award-winning podcaster, culture critic, royal watcher, and author. Her podcasts, which include By The Book, Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen, When Meghan Met Harry, and others, have been named to best-of lists by Time, O The Oprah Magazine, Vulture, Indiewire, and more. As a culture critic and royal watcher, Kristen regularly appears on the BBC, CBC, NPR, CNN, Vox, and other outlets. As an advocate for women and people of color in the podcasting space, Kristen has served as mentor in the Spotify Soundup program, a keynote with She Podcasts, and a 2021 appointee in the U.S. Speaker's Program, working with South African storytellers shining a light on gender-based violence. Her book, So You Want to Start a Podcast, won the Audie Award for best business/personal development audiobook of 2020, and How to Be Fine, which she co-wrote with Jolenta Greenberg, was an Audible #1 Bestseller in 2021. Kristen was named a 2020 Woman of the Year by The Women's Center in Washington DC and one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Podcasting by Quill in 2021.


About How To Be Fine:

In a world where every influencer is trying to teach you how to be better, faster, and richer, hosts Kristen and Jolenta want to help you feel just a little closer to fine. 

On every episode of How to Be Fine, Kristen and Jolenta dish on the latest wellness trend (what they gleaned from it and what they ditched) and then they deep dive into listener questions and offer up some advice on how to be fine. 

Luckily, Kristen and Jolenta have tried every hot self-help trend on for size, so they know what practices tend to actually help, and they’re finally ready to answer all the questions they’re often asked about wellness, self-help, and how to deal in general.

They’re here for you when all this “power of positive thinking” shit doesn’t work and your favorite mindfulness maven has been outed as a fraud. And let’s be real, that’s happening a lot. 

So if you feel betrayed by the advice of wellness gurus, are adrift in a sea of books offering empty productivity promises, or are sick of being told to visualize your goals, pull up a chair, take a breath and let's get closer to fine. 


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