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Heart of the Glitter Tribe

BURLESQUE:  HEART  OF  THE  GLITTER  TRIBE  is  a  documentary  feature  about  the  passion and  personalities  at  the  heart  of  today’ s  new  wave  of  burlesque.  On  stage  and  in  candid conversation, twelve of today’ s hottest performers reveal the naked truth about an exotic world where  artifice  is  a  route  to  authenticity  and  pretending  to  be  someone  else  is  the  ultimate journey  to  become  yourself.  These  burlesquers  put  it all  on  the  line  in  performances  that  are sexy, funny, elegant and outrageous – and they bare more than just their bodies as they discuss their  artistic  vision,  their  financial  struggles,  the  misconceptions  that  infuriate  them  and  the community that sustains them.


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