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Giulia Rozzi

Giulia Rozzi has appeared on a variety of TV shows including Chelsea Lately, Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, TruTV’s How To Be A Grown-Up, Vh1’s The Greatest, Playboy TV’s Foursome Walk of Shame and more. She not only has years of performing very personal and relatable stand-up, but she’s also known as a relationship expert having toured internationally with her critically acclaimed show Bad Bride that explores marriage/love and she’s been the co-host/creator of the hit sex-themed storytelling show Stripped Stories for almost 10 years. Her most popular articles on sites like Esquire, Refinery29, xoJane and Huffington Post have been those discussing relationships (her article 7 Signs It More Than Just Cold Feet is still causing her to get emails asking for love advice, three years after it was published). Last year she even had the title “Relationship Expert” under her name when she appeared on MSNBC, fancy! Her comedy album True Love was released in February 2016 and has received praise from Paste Magazine, Splitsider and others.


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Hopefully We Don't Break Up:

In each episode comedians and real-life couple Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles welcome another couple to share stories and have an honest, humorous and thought provoking conversation about love, relationships and how to make it all work. Guests range from notable entertainers to folks that have never spoken into a mic before. 



Cave Comedy Radio

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Over the past year, comedians Giulia Rozzi and Will Miles have become one of comedy’s favorite couples, known for starting up frank discussions about sex, love, monogamy and dating both onstage and off. Their openness and warmth have sparked them to create the podcast Hopefully We Don’t Break-Up on Cave Comedy Radio in which they interview another couple about love, dating, sex and how to make a healthy relationship work. They have also toured theatres and colleges as couple performing relationship-focused comedy providing a silly yet sincere look at love. Recently they appeared on Refinery29’s Sexcess series and they were cast as hosts of a travel show focused on wedding and culture (the show got canned!) They are currently working both together and independently on other projects focused on this topic.

They each bring vastly different romantic experiences to their relationship- Giulia is divorced with two long-term live-in boyfriends under her belt (those boyfriends don’t live under belt, it’s just a turn of phrase). Her past experiences have given her a very realistic view (and sometimes cynical) of relationships. Meanwhile Will has never had a serious girlfriend but has had a bevy of girls as “friends” if you catch our drift (he’s a slut). Ironically, Will is a hopeless romantic obsessed with rom coms. When they met, Giulia was very happily enjoying her first single year as an adult and was not interested in settling down. Meanwhile Will was getting sick of his frivolous hook-ups and as looking for something real. After getting super high and having an extremely open conversation at a rooftop party about sex, love and their shared lactose intolerance- the two knew they were meant to be.

Will has appeared on Fusion, MTV and is a writer for The Chris Gethard Show. He also has years of stand-up experience to his name, known for his jokes and commentary on dating, sex and his love of rom coms. He is one of the co-hosts of the wildly popular Comedy at the Knitting Factory show where each week he shows off his quick-thinking off-the-cuff style and is praised for his undeniable likeability. Recently Will was named one of “The 50 Funniest People in Brooklyn” by Brooklyn Magazine and his first first comedy album Good Year debuted in June 2016. Paired with years working in education/mentoring, Will has a gift for getting even the most difficult people to open up and for offering them guidance.


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