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Guess I'm a Ghost

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A comedy web series about one woman's adventures in the after life.


Guess I'm a Ghost is a comedy web series in eight episodes that explores coming to terms with your past mistakes, making amends, and how we both perform ourselves and find out about death through social media. Tonally, the series is a mix between High Maintenance and The Good Place. Using both naturalistic and absurd comedy, the show looks to see how we grieve over imperfect people we think we knew, but maybe didn't at all.


After an embarrassing last night on earth, Diane is sent back as a ghost to haunt bad Tinder dates, bitter high school friends, and Uber drivers. She'll have to deal with her past mistakes and navigate a red-tape filled afterlife before she can move on to whatever's next.

Diane...wasn't the best friend. She liked to bend the truth and look out for number one. After embarrassing herself at a party, she's killed in a ride-share accident when climbing into the front seat to charge her phone. Then, because of a mistake in the afterlife, she's sent back to earth and forced to haunt those she could've treated a little better, and might owe her an apology themselves. 


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