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Ghost Town - The Series


GHOST TOWN: The Series is a comedic talk show created by comedian/host Savannah DesOrmeaux that explores the modern dating phenomenon of “ghosting” and what it means to any fool dealing with love, sex, and...abandonment.


GHOST TOWN: The Series evolved alongside the ongoing live, Brooklyn-based comedy show GHOST TOWN which was selected for Thrillist's "How to See Great Comedy in NYC, According to Comedians". The live GHOST TOWN show is celebrating the first anniversary of its live debut. The Pilot for GHOST TOWN: The Series has been accepted into numerous festivals including Festigious, Top Shorts, Los Angeles Film Awards, and the Imagine This Women's Festival.


GHOST TOWN was proudly created with zero white-cis-straight dudes on set.


In GHOST TOWN: The Series, Savannah interviews NYC up-and-comers about their unique experiences with ghosting. The episodes combine irreverent interviews with fast-paced, text and emoji inserts for our internet age. GHOST TOWN: The Series is lightweight, unpretentious and poetically lowbrow. It’s like Between Two Ferns if the ferns developed a taste for Adderall and hot goss.


Episodes are approximately 8 minutes in length. In each one Savannah chats with iconic guests from the worlds of comedy, music and entertainment about the common and uncommon rituals of dating, loving, and getting ghosted.


  • EP 1 Andrew Barbato (comedian, writer, Story Pirate) reveals his ghost resurfaced on social media after ghosting him

  • EP 2 Coral Pena (The Post, NBC’s The Enemy Within) who shares how her ghost lead her to falling down a flight of stairs &  Daniella De Jesus (Orange Is the New Black) who embraces the power of ghosting someone who doesn’t deserve you.

  • EP 3 Trans jazz/pop recording artist Marina White aka Ms. White (Billboard, who divulges having dated an older, married man only to be later ghosted by him (and what’s worse, he also played acoustic guitar).


Episodes include irreverent game segments such as “Unfinished Biznasty” where Savannah and her guest go through the social media posts that a ghost has liked and theorize on why the ghost has the audacity....before concluding the ep with the “Final Thoughts” segment wherein the guest says their goodbyes to the ghost that’s been haunting them as Savannah clouds the set in sage so their ghost can move on in peace.


Savannah DesOrmeaux (rhymes with “DiGiorno”) is an actor/comedian and writer living, thriving, and sometimes crying in Brooklyn. She’s performed in the New York Comedy Festival, Refinery29’s Open Mic Night on Facebook Live and the She Makes Me Laugh festival which “celebrates the funniest female and non-binary comedians in NYC.” She’s acted in tv shows that make you LOL like American Horror Story and The Purge and writes for internet shows that make you (actually) LOL like “The X Change Rate” hosted by Monet Xchange of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame. Thrillist says her BK-based monthly comedy show GHOST TOWN is “inclusive and diverse as hell” and “a good place to see great comedy, according to comedians.” Her mission with GHOST TOWN as a series and live show is to put people on absolute blast and to have honest convos with a generation obsessed with living silently behind phones, but mostly the first thing. Most of all, she hopes to grab the attention of whoever she’s currently crushing on...that is, until they become a ghost.


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