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Family Ghosts Podcast

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Family Ghosts is a documentary-style storytelling podcast. In each episode, they'll investigate the true story behind a mysterious figure whose legend has followed a family for generations. Grandmothers who were secretly jewel smugglers, uncles who led double lives, siblings who vanished without a trace, and other specters who cast shadows over our lives in ways that might not be immediately obvious. We are all formed in part by our familial collections of secrets, intrigues, and myths. By engaging with each others’ legends, perhaps we can see each others’ realities more clearly. 

Family Ghosts is hosted by Moth Grand Slam winner Sam Dingman, whose stories have appeared on RISK!, TBTL, Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything, and The Moth Radio Hour. The production team includes Veralyn Williams (Slate's Represent), Odelia Rubin (The Grift), Jayson De Leon (Slate's Trumpcast), and Micaela Blei (The Moth). The show features original music by Luis Guerra, and the show art is by Paul Glankler.


Sam Dingman is the creator and host of Family Ghosts, a storytelling podcast where people investigate the truth behind myths and legends that have haunted their families for generations: grandmothers who were members of international jewel-smuggling rings, parents who met in religious cults, aunts who stole corpses, and more. The show has been downloaded several million times (and counting), and featured as a critic’s choice by Vulture, the Irish Times, Apartment Therapy, the LA Times, WBEZ, and NPR. Family Ghosts returns for a third season this December, distributed by Spoke Media.


Sam is also the co-creator of Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn, another podcast boasting millions of downloads, and which was recently adapted into a book. He was a managing producer at Panoply Media, where in addition to the aforementioned projects, he served as editor of Karina Longworth’s celebrated You Must Remember This, and also produced podcasts for New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, and Slate. Prior to that, he was a producer for the Peabody-winning WNYC radio show On the Media.


Sam is also a celebrated storyteller – he’s a winner of the Moth Grand Slam, and his stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, RISK!, and American Public Media’s Too Beautiful To Live. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post Magazine. His original music for Moon Journey, a multi-media work of family storytelling created in collaboration with his mom and brother, is held in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Art, Yale University, Swarthmore College, the Rochester Institute of Technology, Savannah College of Art and Design, the College of William and Mary, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and the University of Michigan. 


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