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Desi Wolff


November 2019 brings the release of the second single Neon Soul from breakout NYC-based pop musician Desi Wolff. The single hits the airwaves and streaming services on Friday, November 15, and the video lights up screens everywhere on Thursday, November 21.


According to Wolff: "A neon soul is someone you instantly connect with, who is on the same frequency as you. I didn’t write it about any particular person, but it’s what I think it should feel like when I meet my soulmate; a.k.a. a neon soul"


Desi Wolff, a self-proclaimed “spiritual gangster” seeks to raise the vibration of her audience with music that has been described as “self-actualization with a baller beat”. Evidently you never know when inspiration will hit—Neon Soul was born out of nowhere when the beat came to Wolff while taking a bubble bath! She immediately recorded the beatbox you hear at the beginning of the song, and completed the lyrics that night. Wolff, along with producers Matt Cody and Braden Blair, built the song from that beatbox rhythm.


The Neon Soul music video is an unbelievably cool, sexy, and vibrant exhibition of what black light, neon body paint, and soulful stares can do to a dance floor. Wolff, who went to film school, wrote the script and drew the story boards herself. The video was directed by Seth Hagenstein, produced by Lindsay Hand and Kirsten Powell, and choreographed by Sarah Burke, who according to Wolff "crushed it.” The making of the Neon Soul music video will be featured on TLC's Unpolished on November 24.


Desi Wolff is a New York based singer, songwriter, and all around creative. Wolff was raised in Indiana, and has lived all over the US developing her songwriting and unique voice. Wolff writes about spirituality - something bigger than all of us and a divine order, not religion; as well as love, vision, resilience, unity, and hope. Her music style is transcendental yet relatable with socially-woke lyrics atop hip hop, electronic, and indie sounds, and calls to mind artists such as Sylvan Esso, Maggie Rogers, Ingrid Michaelson, Banks, and AlunaGeorge. Her debut single "Om" was released in May of 2019.


When Wolff was a six year old, she accompanied her grandparents to a Barbara Mandrell concert at the Carolina Opry. That night she was enchanted by how the music touched people. Whie she doesn't remember much of the music, she can remember exactly how it made her feel. She recounts, “It all seemed like magic.” Six-year-old Wolff told herself "I’m going to be a superhero, and my super power will be making music for people". At seven she received a karaoke machine, and used it to create her own demos which she sent to the likes of The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and N'SYNC. Although she is still awaiting a reply, Wolff continues to make music her personal legend, and a medium of enlightenment for soulful listeners.


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