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WHO: Clip Show is an award-winning, NYC based sketch comedy troupe comprised of nine writers, actors & comedians: Brian Flynn, Jonathan Greaser, Myles Hewette, Logan Lampton, Ganesh Nair,  Joe Pardavila, Ryan Stanisz, Heather Tack and Travis Tack.


WHAT: Clip Show has been performing together for over two years and has secured a monthly residency at one of the top comedy theaters in NYC. Each month, the cast creates a completely new and unique show to deliver one hour of uproarious and clever comedy that lies at the intersection of silly, shocking and sincere. The team is part of a new breed of sketch comedy that combines the elements of a theatrical revue with a pinch of surrealism while never losing its edge. Clip Show is the live comedy version of an unlabeled VHS tape your friend tells you to watch because “you just gotta see it.”


WHERE: The People’s Improv Theater Mainstage (Striker) - 123 E 24th St NYC, 10010


WHEN: February 2 at 8pm; March 2 at 9:30pm, April 6 at 9:30pm

MORE INFO: Clip Show’s digital shorts have appeared on the Huffington Post and Funny or Die, and the group’s writers have been featured on McSweeney’s, The Yale Record, and Clip Show is a four-time winner of UCB’s Backyard Brawl sketch comedy competition and one of their digital shorts received the Judges’ Award at the Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Festival. The team has performed at Cinder Block Comedy Festival, NYC Sketchfest, Philly Sketchfest, Montreal Sketchfest, and Sketch Block. The group features nine writers, actors and comedians with different backgrounds of improv and stand-up. For more information on each individual team member, please see cast bios below.



BRIAN FLYNN is a writer, improvisor, and web developer from Michigan. He trained at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and his work has been featured on Funny or Die, Huffington Post, and many websites that copy and paste from those websites. He was ranked “Boyfriend of the Year” by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2015, and his dimples are considered amongst the most deadly aphrodisiacs in the world.


JONATHAN GREASER is an actor and writer originally from Pennsylvania now living in New York City. He has studied improv at the UCB and the Magnet and has performed all over NYC. Jonathan has also performed at improv and sketch festivals across the east coast, including the Del Close Marathon and the Philly Sketchfest.


MYLES HEWETTE is a comedian from Hawaii who now lives in New York because he doesn’t understand how weather works. When not writing for Clip Show, he produces and hosts a quarterly comedy show imaginatively named “Comedy Quarterly” at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. He performs standup in New York and all over the country, and was recently featured on the Hoboken, Finger Lakes, MMJ and Whiskey Bear Comedy Festivals. Myles has contributed writing to Funny or Die, been featured as an Editor’s Pick on Medium, and had a sketch selected to be staged by The Sketch Blacklist. He’s currently working on a series of hilarious and sad stories about his childhood home being destroyed by lava. In his free time, Myles is the 1st Assistant Production Accountant for Madam Secretary on CBS.


LOGAN LAMPTON is a comedian, improviser, writer and he knows how to stand up. Logan has written and performed for sketch festivals, including New York’s Cinder Block and the Montreal Sketchfest, as well as won all three rounds of UCB Indie Cage Match. He has made a whole mess of indie improv teams and been a house performer at the tank theater. He is not nearly wholesome enough, despite being from a small town in the Midwest. No, it’s smaller than you’re imagining.


GANESH NAIR is a NYC based writer, nerd, and general nuisance. While one of Clip Show’s founding writers, he has written comedy for television and the web, most notably 'Join or Die With Craig Ferguson' and other online animated content for The History Channel that does not involve Nazis, aliens, or Nazi aliens, but he assumes those assignments are forthcoming. He is currently working on several comedy and science fiction novels as well as maintaining his blog MakeMomMarvel.Com, where he watches Marvel movies with his mom for fun and profit, and can be found as a frequent guest on the Wrong Reel podcast. When not doing all of these things, Ganesh gets to use his Aerospace Engineering degree at his day job as a mild mannered Aviation Consultant.


JOE PARDAVILA is an actor and radio/television personality born and bred in New York City. He began studying Sketch & Improv Comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Comedy Theatre in 2014. In addition to being a founding member of Clip Show, Joe can be heard daily on 95.5 PLJ in the NYC area on the ensemble of “Todd & Jayde in the Morning.” He’s provided pop culture analysis on HLN, Wendy Williams and the syndicated series, “Dish Nation”. Joe is also the co-host of the “Science of Sex” podcast with NYU professor Zhana Vrangalova.


RYAN STANISZ is a comedian, producer and director. In March 2016, he founded the sketch troupe, Clip Show, a group made up of stand-up comics and improvisers. He directs and produces each performance and collaborates with other writers on crafting a monthly show. In October 2016, ‘Mister Softee Jingle With Lyrics’, a digital comedy short he wrote and starred in, was featured on The Huffington Post. This video, along with another short that Ryan wrote and directed, ‘Doo Wop to the Future,’ was showcased at the Philly Sketchfest Film Festival in April 2017. Ryan also produces the long running Stand-Ups Improvise TED Talks at Q.E.D; a comedy show that allows local comics to present fictional TED talk seminars based on PowerPoint slides he develops.


TRAVIS TACK has had his work featured on McSweeney’s, Funny Or Die, The Yale Record, and Man Cave Daily (part of CBS Local). He began performing at The Comedy Studio in Harvard Square at the age of 16, before moving to Chicago to study at The Second City. Since then, he appeared in shows at iO Chicago and ComedySportz. When it comes to the future, Travis says: "I like to think I'm a pretty open minded guy, mostly because my skull never fully fused together as a child... Despite that, I truly believe that if I work hard enough, one day I can finally achieve my dream of becoming a writer for 'The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien'."


HEATHER TACK writes for Clip Show and also plays most of their female characters. She was born in Waukegan, IL where Jack Benny was also born. Unlike Jack Benny, she is alive. Daydreamer by day and starring in psychotic thrillers by night, she proclaims the ‘secret to success’ is still a big secret. She can be seen on-screen in many of the great TV series filmed in NYC, including Jessica Jones (where she plays the recurring character "NON-UNION BACKGROUND"). She previously appeared as the ‘Lesbian Neighbor’ in Splatter Theater at The Annoyance/Chicago and co-starred in the critically acclaimed short film Corn Cob Hands (dir. Max Lollar).   


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