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Chris Martin, 'Above Ground Comedian'

Chris Martin - Above Ground Comedian (6000 x 6000 300dpi).jpg

Blonde Medicine and Chris Martin are pleased to announce the Friday, February 23, 2024 release of Martin’s sophomore full-length comedy album Above Ground Comedian, available everywhere streaming audio is enjoyed. 


It has been just about two years since the release of his debut album All Over the Place, and since then the U.K.-bred Martin has been observing and cataloging hilarious stories about the shortcomings of veganism, surviving marriage and long trips to Vegas, and living in Los Angeles as a Brit:


“I have a small dog and I’m vegan so I’ve really assimilated to the culture. I just need some Botox to complete my hat trick of the ‘most-LA’ stereotypes”.


Martin deftly mines his cultural assimilation, how his parents inform his own recent foray into parenthood, and of course….his dog’s butt.


A stand-up veteran of nearly two decades, Martin was mesmerized as a teen by Eddie Murphy’s Raw. 


“I wanted to be able to do that. I wish I could pull off the shiny purple tight-outfit but sadly my legs are too skinny to make it work.”


Martin leaned on these years of experience when, the night before recording Above Ground Comedian, he performed a warm-up show in Baltimore that he purports to be his worst show in ten years. A late-show at a venue that never does late-shows, a blind-drunk audience…


“When I was newer as a comic I would have been annoyed, but the gig was so unplayable I just started laughing on stage at how bad it was. I knew at the very least my album recording would be better than that!”


We’re happy to report that the taping was fabulous, and the proof is Above Ground Comedian! 


Chris Martin - Above Ground Comedian TRACK LISTING

  1. Underground Comedian

  2. Vaxxed, Kinda… Maybe?

  3. You Wanna Go

  4. Rookie Error Part 1

  5. The Cool (Wily) Bouncer

  6. Rookie Error Part 2

  7. Therapy Boy

  8. A Very Edgy Fish Joke

  9. The Truth About Vegan Food

  10. Marital Hustle

  11. Parental Scam

  12. My Vet Is Worth Every Penny

  13. Cathy Martin Hoarding the Good Stuff

  14. My Sweet (Eccentric) Father

  15. A Different Level of Violence

  16. How To Fend Off a Burglar


“One of the UK’s best young observationalists” according to The Guardian, Martin’s Edinburgh Comedy Festival shows have repeatedly sold out with dates added. His personal, anecdotal comedy has earned him numerous invitations to the New Zealand and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. His international touring continues to yield a diverse, unique, and growing collection of stories Martin loves to share with audiences around the world. 


Chris Martin has toured in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. His TV credits include The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS), I Think You Should Leave (Netflix), Live at The Comedy Store (Comedy Central), Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, and ITVs Horrible Science. His first original podcast (The Carl & Chris Comedy Podcast) was invited to be part of Bill Burr’s podcast network All Things Comedy.


Now living in Los Angeles, Martin was recently a writer on the The Late Late Show with James Corden as well as XO KITTY on NETFLIX.


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