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Chase O'Donnell's People Pleaser


About People Pleaser:

Four By Three is excited to announce the upcoming comedy special and album from Chase O’Donnell, People Pleaser, due out February 9th. The special will be available on YouTube and the album will be available everywhere comedy is streamed and sold. Recorded in front of a live audience at The Bourbon Room in Los Angeles, she addresses her habit of people pleasing, being a proud millennial, her very innocent upbringing where innuendos were lost on her generally, and how she tries to use manifestation to get what she wants. “The people pleaser in me really, really hopes you like the album.” said Chase.
This album is a culmination of Chase’s entire comedy career, including some jokes she wrote the year she started doing stand up while attending UCSB. She fine-tuned her set from this album while touring with Christina P. (Your Mom’s House), who has been a really positive influence in her comedy. Chase continues to tour with her and post viral Instagram content galore.

About Chase O'Donnell:

Chase O'Donnell is an LA based comedian, actress, and writer. She currently features for Christina P. across the US. Her two person comedy show Too Blondes won the Broadway World Award and received praise in the New York Times. Chase has been a fan favorite on notable podcasts including Dr. Drew After Dark and Where My Mom's At. She also writes for National Lampoon's Final Edition Podcast. Chase recently performed in The Netflix is a Joke Comedy Festival and will be appearing in the newest season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chase was chosen for Best of Fest in the Burbank Comedy Festival and won the famous Uncle Clyde's Comedy Contest. She enjoys tea, rainbows, and Disney Plus in no particular order.

Chase O'Donnell, People Pleaser TRACK LISTING:
01. Never Good Living with Family
02. The Secret 
03. Student Debt is Worth it
04. Pisces Problems
05. Boyfriend Turned Therapist
06. I Hate Dates
07. Proud Millennial
08. Disney Channel 
09. Innocent in High School
10. Sorority Woes 
11. People Pleaser 

About Four By Three:
Four by Three is an independent media company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They produce and distribute independent films and comedy specials, like this one.


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