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Bethany Van Delft

BM027 - Bethany Van Delft - I'm Not a Ll

Bronx-born Bethany Van Delft moved to Boston as a tween with her Marxist Dutch dad, black Puerto Rican mother and siblings, where she quickly learned “zebra” didn’t mean she was weird but cool. She went to Paris to model at “19”, got kicked out, ended up in Milan eating gelato and speaking Spanglish with an Italian accent.


Her “hip & grounded, laid back delivery” has earned her the honor of performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, as well as SF SketchfestAll Jane Festival, and the 2 Dope Queens podcast. 
Bethany is a regular performer and producer for Boston Comedy Festival and Women in Comedy Festival, her series at the Women in Comedy Festival, "38/7%" is a hit, and monthly show, Artisanal Comedy, has been named “one of the top indie nights to check out”. Her hilariously cringeworthy storytelling show/podcast with co-producer Nick Chambers, “Starstruck: Close Encounters of the Awkward Kind,” won Best Comedy Night in Boston from Improper Bostonian and in 2019, Bethany was named "Best Comic 2019" by Boston Magazine.

Unashamedly in touch with her inner nerd, Bethany has been a panelist on “You’re The Expert” and “Literary Death Match”. She is a regular host and storyteller for The Moth, her story for The Moth sharing her first post partem experience went viral with 15 million views and appears in the Moth book “All These Wonders”.

Her debut album, I’m Not a Llama drops on December 13, 2019 on Blonde Medicine.


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