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Boys Drool


Boy's Dool is made up of four comedians, but it's not a comedy band, it's a moody punk band. Made up of frontwoman Kelly Bachman, Julie Piñero playing lead guitar, Amber Rollo on drums and Beecher on the bass. Kelly, Julie and Amber decided to start the band one year ago, after doing the Artists Way together, for the second time. They put out a call for a bass player on Instagram and Beecher was the perfect fit. They were all fairly new to their instruments and it is all of their first band, Amber had never even played drums before. They all learned how to make music together, which is part of the magic of the band, they are learning as they go. Before the pandemic they were working on releasing their first album, then it got put on pause. In typical punk fashion they decided to just go with what they had and release anyway.


1. Flower

2. Wind

3. Fuck Off

4. Hot Girls Night

5. Sister

6. Fire

7. Love

8. House

9. Beach

10. Dance Xs7

11. Death


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