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Bitter Homes and Gardens (Season 2)


Bitter Homes and Gardens Season 2 is out in full today - as of 10am PT/ 1pm ET Wednesday, November 3 - with all 10 brand new episodes available on the Bitter Homes and Gardens YouTube Channel (125K Views). The series stars real-life, viciously sparring married couple, character actor Larry Clarke (Twin Peaks) and comedian Fielding Edlow (BoJack Horseman) who say the things couples only think. They’re both desperate, needy, broken, insecure people in a somewhat functional relationship. It’s like if the Macbeths pursued vain podcasting projects instead of murder. Season 2 is a comedy inferno with zoom couples therapy with (John Michael Higgins), retroactive pre-nups with their quirky attorney (David Koechner), and aggressive owl-beating Q-Anon neighbors (Billy Gardell)


Fielding has a podcast with negative subscribers and is usually her own “guest” and Larry can usually be found jerking off to his own reel or microdosing Cracklin’ Oat Bran. Fielding is in the throes of an emotional affair with her fruit delivery guy (Chris Fairbanks) and Larry has been “discovered” at a march and is now obsessed with mounting his semi-autobiographical one-man show... about the Irish potato famine. They’re both still trying to “win the relationship” but Fielding is the one with the passcode to Larry’s iPhone. It’s 1111.


Bitter Homes and Gardens Season 2 is streaming now on Youtube. 10 episodes. 8 min each.

Larry Clarke has been a working actor, teacher and director for the past 30 years. He has worked on and Off Broadway most notably in David Rabe’s "The Dog Problem" at the Atlantic Theater, the revival of “Streamers” at the Roundabout, and “The Glory of Living” directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman at MCC. His television work began with a recurring role as a Detective Morris LaMotte for two seasons on Law and Order. He’s a frequent collaborator with Steven Soderbergh and recently worked with Meryl Streep in The Laundromat. Recent TV: Twin Peaks, For All Mankind, Snowfall, Sense8, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This summer he co-starred as Mary McCormack’s husband on HEELS on STARZ. Yes, he’s worked with legendary actresses, Falco, Winslet and Streep but counts his collaboration with his wife, Fielding and Bitter Homes…as his greatest and most fulfilling work to date. Larry’s first feature film (wrote, directed and starred) “3 Days With Dad” is now streaming on Amazon Prime featuring Brian Dennehy, Leslie Ann Warren, Tom Arnold, and JK Simmons.

Fielding Edlow is a writer, actor and stand-up comedian based in Los Angeles. She was recently named one of “the six funniest women in Los Angeles right now.” (Pure Wow) Her half-hour special “Can’t Say Slut” (Comedy Dynamics) is now streaming on Amazon Prime. She voiced the character ‘Roxie’ on Bojack Horseman and hosts her own hit monthly show “Eat Pray F*ck” at the Hollywood Improv. Her plays have been developed/produced with Naked Angels, NY Stage & Film, Circle X Theatre Co, NY & LA Fringe Festival and Comedy Central Stage. Her solo show, Coke-Free J.A.P., was performed in the NYC Fringe Festival (Backstage’s “Best of Fringe award”) and then had a four-month, sold-out run in LA at the McCadden Theatre and was subsequently developed as a half-hour comedy pilot at Showtime. Her full-length play, ICU, had a rave-reviewed, extended workshop run at Circle X Theatre and was nominated for an Ovation Award for ‘Best Writing’. Her one-acts have been finalists in the National Ten-Minute Play Contest at Actors Theatre of Louisville and City Theatre in Miami. Her short film, “DVR” premiered in the Palm Springs Film Festival and won ‘Best Comedy’ in the NYC Short Film Festival. She is the creator and star of the acclaimed web series, Bitter Homes & Gardens.


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