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Andie Main, 'Rocky Mountain Bi'

Andie Main - Rocky Mountain Bi (6000 x 6000 300 dpi).jpg


*Advance streaming link available by request*


Blonde Medicine and Andie Main are pleased to announce the Friday, January 12, 2024 release of Main’s sophomore full-length comedy album Rocky Mountain Bi, available everywhere streaming audio is enjoyed. 


Main jokes that the synopsis for Rocky Mountain Bi could read 


“Andie Main moves to Colorado, gets some sunshine, and becomes an entirely new person by quitting drinking and going hiking with her sweet little puppy.”


But there is truth to this - she talks about adapting to the ways of Coloradans, going sober, getting a dog, becoming a hiker, and figuring out more about where she fits into this often-times painful world, and the result is hilarious! 


Main’s debut album Magpie (2020) capped her first 8 years in comedy, from her start in Portland, OR from which she hails and where she cut her teeth hosting the wildly popular Portland comedy shows Revolution Comedy and The Cool Kids Patio Show, right up to when she decided to “blow up her whole life and start anew in Colorado”, only a few months before the Magpie recording. If Magpie asked: Is Andie going to be OK?, then Rocky Mountain Bi answers with a resounding YES! There’s also a 10-minute joke about how her mom tried to go to the Insurrection, in case you need THAT in your life.


Main knew she was ready to record Rocky Mountain Bi when she landed upon the unifying joke that tied all the themes together “On the Trails with Sadie”. 


“That one came about during a trip to Moab, UT where I listened to Rick Rubin’s audiobook, ‘The Creative Act’, which helped me realize that a joke about giving up during a difficult hike is infinitely more hilarious than if I had finished it”


Despite nearly every single thing previously unimagined that could go wrong doing so on the night of the album taping - Main broke a tooth the day before which cut her tongue, the taping was scheduled the same night Taylor Swift was in town so competition was stiff, the venue air conditioning and toilets broke, and there was a motorcycle rally a block away -  Main held it all together and delivered a stellar performance in one take. 


Andie Main - Rocky Mountain Bi TRACK LISTING

1. Shit Goes Wrong (Intro)

2. New-Native Coloradan

3. Oh No! I'm Polyamorous Now!

4. On the Trails with Sadie

5. Political Billboards Across the US

6. MAGA-Maggie


8. Dating While Sober

9. Radical Life Changes

10. Did it For Dick

11. Super Hot at Whole Foods


Andie Main is a comedian born and raised in Portland, OR. where she cut her teeth hosting the wildly popular Portland comedy shows Revolution Comedy and The Cool Kids Patio Show. That got annoying so she moved to Denver in 2019 and was off to a running start right before the world crumbled. The best timing of her entire life was releasing and touring for her album, released by Blonde Medicine, titled Magpie, in January of 2020. Since then, she quit drinking and has blossomed into one of the best and brightest acts on the stages of Colorado, and frequently on the road with her pal Dave Hill.


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