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Amber Rollo


Amber Rollo is a California girl who moved to New York in 2010. Her standup has a dark New York edge with a sunny California smile that makes her a joy to watch no matter the topic. She has earned the title “Downright Rude” by confronting Harvey Weinstein when he showed up at a variety show in Manhattan, HW’s spokesperson described her actions in that way and she has worn those words as a badge since. She was recently a guest on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee to comment on that interaction. She is the creator and co-host of Stoked Comedy (with Kelly Bachman, Davidson Boswell and Julie Piñero) in Brooklyn and co-host of Gilligan Comedy, a pop-up comedy show with Gabriel Pacheco.

Though standup is her first love she is also a musician and actor, she the drummer in Boys Drool (a moody band made up of four comedians) and is a cast member of the sketch comedy show Sofa Kingdom. She is the Co-Host of Daddy-less Issues: The Orphan Podcast, with Chanel Ali, where they talk to comedians and artists who have lost one or more parents about how they succeed in life despite that. She was also the Head of Digital Production for The Box Show, the intersectional feminist comedy show and is deeply embedded in the intersectional feminist comedy scene in New York.

​She has just launched a podcast with her ex fiance, while stuck with him in self-quarantine, called The Next Binge Thing. Read about it on Forbes.

Amber performs all over the city, bringing humor to dark topics like growing up an orphan, the infantalization of female sexuality and reclaiming rape jokes. Her humor has a feminist tilt, because she has a vagina and that is the source of a lot of material. Period. Oh you don't like puns, well her dad is dead, someone has to make them.


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