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TJ is a standup comedian, actor, and writer born and raised in Haiti and currently based in Brooklyn. He moved to the US in 2008 for college and the classic immigrant path, but lasted only a mere four years until he discovered stand-up comedy and decided to drop everything and follow his passion! He's since made appearances on Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV, on Good Day NY on Fox, and written an Op-Ed for the New York Times. He's been featured on the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, SF Sketchfest, and the Brooklyn Comedy Festival. He performs regularly in the best comedy clubs and alternative shows in the New York. TJ has a very laid back, smooth, and conversational style on stage. He jokes about race, society's idiosyncrasies, and the inherent contrast between life in Haiti and America. Some people say his humor is smart and eye-opening, he would probably agree with these people!

TJ is recording his debut standup comedy album on January 3rd at Littlefield in Brooklyn. The hour-long set TJ will be recording features material he developed and sharpened over the past few years in the clubs of New York City. The set is densely funny, deeply insightful, and cements his position as a hilarious and keen outsider looking with quizzical eyes at America and himself. Onstage TJ feels like your smart-but-funny friend, but be warned: his casual, conversational delivey is the sugar-coating that allows him to deliver an examination of race, first-world problems, and life as an immigrant in post-2016 America - using a particularly sharp and caustic wit.


He will be joined by guests Patrick Schroeder, Reggie Conquest, and Mia Jackson. The show also happens to fall on his 31st birthday. He likes to call it his second 30th birthday, but there's a little thing called math that won't let him!


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