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Spanish Aquí Presents


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Spanish Aquí Presents, or S.A.P., is a bilingual comedy group made up of four Latinx performers: Raiza Licea, Tony Rodríguez (both Cubans from Miami), Oscar Montoya (Colombian from NYC), and Carlos Santos (Puerto Rican). SAP, whose name is a twist on the ‘Secondary Audio Programming’ button on remote controls, has been performing to sold-out audiences at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in L.A. for almost 3 years in their monthly all-Latinx variety show. In 2019, they launched the first and only Latinx podcast at Earwolf.



Hosted by four friends from completely different walks of life, but bonded through their respective Latinx experience. Spanish Aquí Presents brings guests, comedy, politics, and friendship to listeners with a Latinx voice that is proud to be the first (of many) on the Earwolf network.

Learn more about the hosts and podcasts here.

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