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Poppy Gordon's FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION Wide Release June 28

After enjoying much acclaim and a warm reception on the film festival circuit, comedic short film For Your Consideration will be available in wide release Jun 28, 2021.

Poppy Gordon’s live-action short For Your Consideration asks whose Hollywood agenda are we being manipulated by and who’s pulling the strings?

In an unholy fusion of wokeness and cluelessness, three entitled young women meet up to make an awards-worthy film; they build a narrative from the high perch of their privilege and almost give a voice to the voiceless.

Starring Samantha Robinson (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Love Witch), Juliette Goglia (The Magicians, The Michael J. Fox Show) & Skyler Maxon (Teen Wolf)

May 12, 2021 (NYC,NY) -- Poppy Gordon and the team behind For Your Consideration are excited to announce that the comedy short will be available in wide online release as of June 28, 2021 after enjoying a successful run of screenings on the film festival circuit.

Poppy Gordon’s For Your Consideration focuses on a group of young women who come together with a mission to make an Oscar-winning film. Determined to party at Sundance, three entitled young women meet up at an LA member's only club to make a selection-worthy film. In an unholy fusion of wokeness and cluelessness, they build a narrative from atop the high perch of their privilege. And piece-by-piece, they almost, almost, almost give a voice to the voiceless — just without ever having any idea what they're talking about. But they are perfectly positioned to make it happen.

This fantastic short, which takes a snapshot of current monetized, performative ‘woke’ pop culture and dares viewers to laugh and cringe at its manufacturing, screened at the Oscar-qualifying festivals Rhode Island and Odense, Cinequest, HollyShorts as well as Nashville International and LA Shorts. As of June 28, 2021, the film will be available wherever films are streamed or sold. Details and pre-order links forthcoming.

Director Poppy Gordon is NYC based and excels at visually driven narratives that combine bold cinematic style with pop influenced VFX. Poppy has directed work for brands such as NIKE, WAV, PayPal, Pond’s, TRESemmé, and many more. She is commercially represented by Hey Baby and also leads her own creative studio Feral. For Your Consideration was co-written by Poppy’s longtime collaborator Aldo Arias who is a New York City writer by way of Texas.

Writer Aldo Arias is an NYC-based writer by way of Texas. But he wasn’t always a screenwriter. The only son of immigrants (who weren’t going to risk their child’s future on creative writing), Aldo did the next best thing: advertising. Over the years, he’s made beaucoup campaigns, commercials and experiences — all incorporating his knack for storytelling and narrative rhythms. Now, through his company Only Child, Aldo finally has the flexibility to work on his own projects while still paying the bills.

Producer Lysette Urus is a multi-faceted producer whose most recent credit includes Co-Producer on a Quibi documentary Blackballed that covers the players' side of the 2014 NBA race scandal. She is passionate about stories that frame the underdog and human resilience above all else.

Cinematographer Matthew Schroeder’s work has screened at The Berlin Film Festival, New York Fashion Film Festival, Ciclope, LFFF, amongst others. He lensed the pilot for Front Row, which is being developed by HBO and also shot Fabled which premiered at Tribeca.

Praise from the film festival run:

"This film truly is phenomenal!" - Film Snob Reviews

“A stylish, snarky, and satirical short film on how a film idea comes to life in Hollywood.” - Film Threat

“This is essential viewing for those who adore and obsess over awards season.” - Awards Daily

"Those who enjoy satire that confronts the ignorance that is often present in the film industry will appreciate For Your Consideration." - Picture This Post

“This little film wraps it all into a tight package that makes its point, while delivering laughs.”

- Red Carpet Crash

"The performances are great all round with Samantha Robinson’s performance as Heather being particularly outstanding.” - The Consulting Detective

“Gordon’s film is pleasingly to-the-point and holds no punches. Even the title grabs you by the collar.”


“This film expertly highlights the hypocrisy and tokenism rampant in the entertainment industry.” - RIIFF Filmmaker Spotlight

“A time capsule of the motivations and moral dilemmas at play during our current seismic shift of consciousness.” - Hollywood Times

For Your Consideration Has Screened At the Following Oscar-Qualifying Film Festivals

Odense International FF

Rhode Island International


Nashville Film Festival


LA Shorts (finalist for an award)

Additional screenings at the following film festivals:

Arizona Underground Film Festival

Orlando International Film Festival

South Dakota Film Festival (award)

Imagine This Women’s International Film Festival

San Diego International

Bushwick Film Festival

Manhattan Film Festival

Chattanooga FF

Boston International


Red Rock

Athens International Children’s Festival

Beauforf International FF

Film Website:

Film Insta:


Film Trailer:


Contact: Kathryn Musilek // Shark Party Media //

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