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March 5th: Cherith Fuller's new comedy album 'Cool, Chill Girl'




Atlanta-based Comedian and Writer Cherith Fuller (Cartoon Network, Cosmo, Reductress, The Cut) is releasing her debut stand-up album, Cool, Chill Girl, on March 5th. Cool, Chill Girl is a collection of comedic musings based on Cherith's experiences while dating in the modern age. Why do people ghost one another? Am I going to be murdered by this strange man I met on Tinder? What if the strange man who could have murdered me ghosts me even though we work at the same company? And why do we have to act so cool and chill while we’re doing all of this? Over the course of the album, listeners witness small cracks in Cherith's sanity and cool, chill veneer to reveal that maybe it’s okay to be a little crazy sometimes.

After ending a long-term emotionally toxic relationship, where she was constantly pressured into choosing between her partner and comedy, Cherith decided that she would always put herself and her art first. That started with doing something she had always wanted to do: make an album. She already had the concept and material; all she needed was a producer and a venue. Cool, Chill Girl was recorded at the prestigious Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta in November 2019. On the album, Cherith talks about datings apps, her bisexuality, and all of the hilarious mishaps that come along with being a human who, if she's being honest, is not as cool and chill as she tries to portray.

Growing up, Cherith always wanted to be a writer and dreamed of being one of The Great American Novelist, but at around 18 years old she realized she wanted to write comedy for TV in some capacity. With that knowledge, she headed to the University of Georgia, where she was rejected from their Improv troupe twice. Fast forward to her junior year, Cherith ended up stuck in Athens for the summer after getting arrested which forced her into canceling a trip to study abroad to pay her remaining legal fees. It was at that point that she decided “well, you’re not allowed to sit and mope all summer, do something." So she signed up for the local open mic, where she did well enough to delude herself into signing up again, and the rest is history.

Now, Cherith performs regularly at clubs across the country. She has opened for everyone from Big Jay Oakerson to Moshe Kasher to Janeane Garofalo to Iliza Schlesinger. She has been featured on Audible and has performed at many prestigious festivals such as the Limestone Comedy Festival, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Red Clay Comedy Festival, 208 Comedy Festival, and Gilda’s Laughfest, among others. Outside of stand-up, Cherith is an associate writer and producer at Cartoon Network on-air and has created promos for major properties like Teen Titans Go! and The Amazing World of Gumball, and also have helmed major campaigns like Swordsday (2016), Best Summer Ever (2018), Friday Night Frights (2018), and Stop Bullying, Speak Up (2018). I launched the app CN Arcade in 2018 and was the head writer for both the Collect-a-thon and the Collect-ober stunts. She is currently the head writer for the reboot of Thundercats.

An album release party for Cool, Chill Girl will be held at Second Self Beer Company in Atlanta, Georgia, on March 5th. Tickets are on sale here.

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Cherith Fuller is a writer and comedian currently living in Atlanta, GA. She’s written for Cartoon Network, Cosmo, The Cut, Reductress, and so many more. She’s also been featured on Audible. She has performed alongside everyone from Big Jay Oakerson to Moshe Kasher to Janeane Garofalo. She also tours and headlines across the country in her own right. While she can write about anything, she specializes in relationships, sex, and intimacy because…well…it’s fascinating! Why do people ghost one another? Am I going to be murdered by this strange man I met on Tinder? Why are threesomes so stressful? And why do we have to act so cool and chill while we’re doing all of this? After the show, you'll leave wanting her to be your best friend. Guaranteed.

Cherith Fuller Online Website: cherithfuller.com FB: facebook.com/cherithfullercomedy T: twitter.com/cherithfuller IG: @cherithfuller

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