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Lola Blanc's short PRUNING starring Madeline Brewer to premiere at Palm Springs Shortfest 2023 June 24


 A Lola Blanc Film Starring Madeline Brewer


When a controversial political commentator discovers her rhetoric has inspired a mass shooting, she must contend with her conscience--by any means necessary.



New York, NY, Thursday, June 1, 2023Filmmaker, actor, musician and co-host of Trust Me, Lola Blanc is premiering her film, Pruning at the Palm Springs Shortfest 2023. Pruning is a psychological horror film about a right-wing commentator whose rhetoric inspires a violent event; it stars Emmy-nominated Madeline Brewer (Handmaid's Tale, Cam) and is produced and presented by Rustic Films whose previous films include Synchronic, The Endless, Spring, and She Dies Tomorrow.


Pruning is a film exploring what it means to benefit from the human capacity for division and hate. It’s a character study about a woman who gets what she wants at the worst imaginable cost, and how she deals with that cognitive dissonance. The film tackles themes of gun violence,  the need to be right in a culture of fanatical certainty, and the real-life consequences of extreme rhetoric.


Lola Blanc is an incredibly talented multi-hyphenate as a filmmaker, popular podcaster, musical artist and actor who thrives in all of her mediums.


Lola Blanc’s film directorial work has been spotlighted by Pitchfork, Fangoria, and prestigious short film channel Omeleto, and has been selected by film festivals including Fantastic Fest, Hollyshorts, Brooklyn Horror, Newport Beach Film Festival and Nantucket Film Festival.


Much of Blanc’s work is inspired by her childhood experience believing in a self-proclaimed prophet. Her podcast about cults and extreme belief, Trust Me, has been featured by the New York Times and Harper’s Bazaar.


As a musical artist, Blanc's music has garnered tens of millions of streams and has been featured by Billboard, Paper, V Magazine, and more; her song Angry Too has over 40 million streams on Spotify and she has also written songs for other artists, including Britney Spears and K-pop superstars Itzy


Blanc's acting credits include Under the Silver Lake and American Horror Story; she has over 200,000 followers across social media.


Lola Blanc will be in attendance at 2023 Shortfest in Palm Springs and is available for interview and guest opportunities. Ticket links and more information for attendees will be announced soon.

PRUNING Synopsis: Sami is controversial. It's how she makes her living, it's her bread and butter--and her exploding internet fanbase is eating it up. So when she discovers that a recent mass shooting was inspired by her rhetoric, she ignores it. After all, crazy people have nothing to do with her. Right? That's what she tells herself, even as the physical manifestation of her conscience grows harder and harder to ignore, forcing her to decide whether to get rid of it altogether.



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