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ANNOUNCING SEASON 2 OF: Majoring in Everything With Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph. D.






Warning: will include existential questions and seriously inspiring people.

Season 2 Guests include:

Dean Obeidallah: host of the Dean Obeidallah Show (SiriusXM), former lawyer, now a comedian, political analyst, and radio host.

Tyler Whitman: star of Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing NYC, real estate agent in NYC, podcaster (Glitter and Gay), and competitive equestrian

Natalia Reagan: primatologist, professor, actor, comedian, science educator (StarTalk, National Geographic, Discovery)

Stephanie Humphrey: technology & lifestyle expert, media personality, author, speaker, and engineer, host of #60SecondTechBreak and QVC’s 10 Minute Tech Break

Chris Duffy: comedian, podcast & radio host (NPR’s You’re the Expert, TED’s How to Be a Better Human), writer (Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas), former fifth grade teacher And more!

Majoring in Everything is a podcast for people who are sick of being told to focus. It’s a celebration of the power, brilliance, and creativity of people who are interested in – and excel at – more than one thing. If this sounds like you, you might be what Andrea Jones-Rooy calls a liminal:

“I grew up with the idea that the key to success is to find the one thing you “love” to do and pursue that thing at all costs. Yet, I kept finding myself drawn to all kinds of different fields – dance, data science, comedy, political science, circus, complexity, filmmaking…. – and I kept being mad at myself for my inability to pick one thing and stick with it.

“It’s only recently that I’ve begun to question this thinking: What if being interested in lots of things is actually a gift, not a curse? Are there circumstances under which liminals even have advantages over our more focused role models?”

Majoring in Everything is an exploration of that question. Join Andrea every other Tuesday this fall and winter to meet fellow liminals, learn about their unexpected, impressive, and path-breaking journeys, and join us as we find out and celebrate the power of being a multi-hyphenate in a world obsessed with obsession.

Past guests include Jon Laster: regular comedian at the Comedy Cellar and founder of the BLAPP app that maps Black-owned businesses; Dr. Moiya McTier: astrophysicist, folklorist, and author of The Milky Way: An Autobiography of Our Galaxy ; Brian Wecht of Ninja Sex Party: musician, internet personality and theoretical physicist.

Join Andrea Jones-Rooy every other Tuesday for ten new episodes exploring the diversity of ways we can live our lives, learn why choosing one thing is overrated, and why liminals have so much to offer.

Majoring in Everything is edited by Eric P. Stipe and is a member of the World’s Smartest Podcast Network (WSPN). Majoring in Everything can be found wherever you listen to podcasts and on on our homepage.


Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D. (they/them) is a data and social scientist who empowers others, from CEOs to college students, to think like scientists. Dr. Jones-Rooy is the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Visiting Associate Professor at the NYU Center for Data Science, where they designed and teach the perpetually-waitlisted flagship course, Data Science for Everyone, as well as advanced courses on natural language processing. Dr. Jones-Rooy also speaks and consults with organizations, from Fortune Global 100s to tech startups. They regularly contribute to outlets like Quartz and FiveThirtyEight.

When not doing all of that, Andrea is a standup comedian and circus performer, both of which they have performed all over the world, for audiences even including royalty. They combine all three skills of science, comedy, and circus into multimedia live shows, international keynote presentations, and engaging TikTok videos to share their love of science and inspire others to join in, especially if they (wrongly!) think they have no business doing so.

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