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*Advance album stream available by request*

Blonde Medicine is pleased to announce the April 2, 2021 release of 20, the new double-album of comedy from Maronzio Vance.

20 is a west coast album. It was recorded live on stage in both San Francisco and Los Angeles in the months prior to the pandemic. Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Vance has been a self-proclaimed “prisoner of Los Angeles” since 2001. The album gives a glimpse of how Vance was affected by growing up in LA over the past 20 years.

A Californian for roughly half of his life, Maronzio has been an entertainer for longer. A professional comedian since age 21, acting since age 15, and writing since age 10. According to Vance:

I've been all of these things since I was born because I'm doing what I feel I was born to do. However, I did audition for Def Comedy Jam when I was 18. BIG MISTAKE!!!”.

20 is packed with real-world takes on politics, American life, fast food, reality TV obsessions, Malibu burning down, and an epic tale of a massage ruined by a burrito. Siting Eddie Murphy as the primary inspiration for entering the entertainment business, inspiring his acting as well as his comedy, Vance credits James Baldwin, Alice Walker, David Sedaris, Walter Mosley, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Toni Morrision as inspirations behind his writing, which flows prolifically enough to demand a double-album:

I go through these spurts where I have literary laxatives and just write a bunch... Some of the stuff has a purpose at the time, some of it just comes out and I find a place for it later. I got tired of sitting on material that I was waiting for a special moment to come in order to perform it. I’ll just write more material.

Maronio Vance “20 track listing:


1. A Warm Welcome for Maronzio

2. The World is on Fire

3. Politics & Bullshit

4. Pretend to Be a Better Person & Be Healthy

5. A Tip from Maronzio

6. You Got Some More Rubbin' to Do

7. A Fresh Coat of Paint

8. The Wrong Decisions

9. We Bring Things on Ourselves


1. Don't Eat the Whole Thing

2. God Damn, Tommy

3. Tech Support

4. Getting over Getting Married

5. The Voice

6. Hard to Leave a Woman

7. Carolina to California

8. A Whole Month

9. Stop Fucking Playing with Me


Maronzio Vance is a Los Angeles-based writer, actor, and comedian. His blunt, sarcastic style has landed him appearances on Wanda Sykes: Wanda Does It, Jamie Foxx's Laffapolooza, Last Comic Standing, and The Tonight Show. In 2012 Maronzio wrote on Fox's pilot remake of In Living Color and shot a half hour special for Comedy Central that same year.

A culture head of great renown, Maronzio's passion for hip-hop, sports, and comics drives much of his perspective on stage. Over the course of his career, Maronzio has developed a voice that is sharp and cutting - a stark contrast to his understated delivery which makes for a wholly unique act.


Blonde Medicine is a record label and production company based out of Petaluma, California in the SF Bay Area. With roots in comedy and music production, they aim to help Artists make great art, no matter what form it may take. Look for genre-spanning releases from the label in 2021 and beyond.


For all media requests, please contact Andrew Gerhan -

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