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10/29: Kendra Cunningham and Katina Corrao's 'Less Bitter, More Glitter' comedy album



Recorded live at Valley Forge Casino Resort

New York release party on November 5th, 2019

*digital review copies available*

Photo: Mindy Tucker

Album Art: Julia Johns

L: Kendra Cunningham R: Katina Corrao

On October 29th, New York comedy fixtures Kendra Cunningham (Boston Comedy Festival, Last Comic Standing) and Katina Corrao (Broad City, Lasers in the Jungle at Caveat) will release their double comedy album Less Bitter, More Glitter on 800 Pound Gorilla Records, celebrating its release with a live show on November 5th in New York. Less Bitter, More Glitter brilliantly combines Kendra's sardonic deadpan with Katina's sweetly unhinged humor, soon to be an album for 800 Pound Gorilla Records. All Kendra and Katina want to do is live a simple life full of family, friendship, love, jewelry, hair extensions, face masks, drivers, paparazzi, house managers, personal chefs, and unlimited wine and cheese. Less Bitter, More Glitter will be available on all digital and streaming platforms.

Less Bitter, More Glitter track listing:

1. Kendra Cunningham - The Vision

2. Kendra Cunningham - Just Say the Word

3. Kendra Cunningham - Neighbors Across the Hall

4. Kendra Cunningham - Bartender Gripes

5. Kendra Cunningham - Temporary Employment

6. Kendra Cunningham - Feminist

7. Kendra Cunningham - Inherited Anxiety

8. Kendra Cunningham - Drinking

9. Kendra Cunningham - Bird Chirp & Ground Pepper Anger

10. Kendra Cunningham - Blueberry Muffin Day

11. Kendra Cunningham - Yoga Groupons

12. Kendra Cunningham - I Have a Big Head

13. Kendra Cunningham - Gyno Jokes

14. Kendra Cunningham - Horny But Not Promiscuous

15. Kendra Cunningham - Soften on Idea of Marriage

16. Kendra Cunningham - I've Got My Eye on You

17. Kendra Cunningham - Men Can Be Stupid

18. Kendra Cunningham - Mediocre Sex

19. Kendra Cunningham - Cuckoo Horny

20. Katina Corrao - Audience Warm-Up

21. Katina Corrao - Space Port

22. Katina Corrao - Dress Barn

23. Katina Corrao - Macy's

24. Katina Corrao - I'm An Actress

25. Katina Corrao - I Love Commercials

26. Katina Corrao - Everyone is So Young

27. Katina Corrao - Typecasting

28. Katina Corrao - "Real" Jobs

29. Katina Corrao - I'm Not a Mom

30. Katina Corrao - Everyone Intimidates Me

31. Katina Corrao - Baby Gender Reveal Parties

32. Katina Corrao - Losing Weight

33. Katina Corrao - Germaphobe

34. Katina Corrao - Price is Right

35. Katina Corrao - In a Relationship

Kendra Cunningham is a Boston-born stand-up comic, comedy writer, actress and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, where she owns a super comfortable bed. She also bartends and has an MA in Forensic Psychology. Kendra spends most of her time wondering where the hell her sugar daddy is and hoping he didn’t settle. Her short films have been screened at a number of festivals; Lonelygirl48, which she wrote and acted in, won the Boston Comedy Festival and the Palm Beach Women’s International Film Festival. She has been a finalist on Last Coming Standing, been featured in Time Out New York and on CNN Money, among other publications.

Katina Corrao is an actress, comedian, writer, and co-host of the stand-up show Lasers in the Jungle. The New York Times calls Katina a “staple in the New York comedy scene.” She’s been seen on The Daily Show, Broad City, Deadbeat, Big Morning Buzz Live, and in audition rooms all over the tri-state area. In addition, she’s warmed-up audiences for Good Morning America, The View, The Chew, The Rachael Ray Show, The Jenny McCarthy Show and more. She is a published author and blogs for The Huffington Post. She has appeared in numerous web series including Uninspired and Jack in A Box. Her own award-winning web series The Good Neighbor Minute explores Katina’s desire to be the nosey neighbor in a sit-com. She has been featured in The New York Times, Time Out New York, Reader’s Digest, Broadway World, Splitsider, Vulture, and more. Katina performs her one person show, Funky Cold Katina all over town and her first comedy album “Hot Date” (Little Lamb Recordings) debuted at #1 on the iTunes comedy chart.

800 Pound Gorilla Records was founded in 2016 with a clear vision for helping comedians reach new career levels. The name may have started as a joke, but it’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even amid the current boom, most comedy record labels utilize an outdated approach. We take pride in forward-thinking strategies combining sophisticated digital marketing strategies with traditional PR, satellite and online radio play, multiplatform distribution, and analytic optimization. The result? Quality comedy albums that enjoy the maximum potential exposure, revenue potential, and audience growth.

Building a great stand-up set takes time, hard work, and unwavering determination. When comedians put an album into the world, they deserve a label that meets even their most unanticipated needs. A well-executed release doesn’t boil down to sales numbers alone. It converts new fans, increases ticket volume, and expands a performer’s brand far beyond the parameters of a stand-up stage. Standing out from an array of comedy options is only the beginning. The modern media landscape requires cultivating attention across all sectors of the entertainment industry. With unparalleled tools, digital resources, and cutting-edge experience, 800 Pound Gorilla Records ensures albums don’t just make a big impact…they expand the power of comedy as a whole.

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