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Emma Arnold Comedy album: 'Abortion. Abortion. Abortion.' March 22


Abortion. Abortion. Abortion.

Pre-Sale Available March 8


Blonde Medicine is excited to announce the March 22, 2019 release of Emma Arnold's third comedy album, Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. Recorded late last year, the new album will be available wherever comedy is sold or streamed, and up for pre-sale on March 8th.

Emma Arnold has been on a tear as of late, releasing a new hour of material in each of the last three calendar years. On this, her newest hour, she puts together a wonderful set, drawing on personal life events including her recent divorce and what it’s like to date millennial men as a 38-year old. She also regales the crowd with misadventures of clothes shopping and playing with friends as a child. As benign as those two subjects may seem, the payoffs are unreal and offer some lighthearted moments to counter the hilarious and heavy chunk of material dealing with abortion and women’s reproductive rights that anchors the hour. Emma is electric as she confronts one of this era’s most touchy subjects with a confidence, tact and perspective rarely touched by comics - or anyone, when dealing with such heavy subject matter.

Emma Arnold is America's fiercest sweetheart. Equal parts outrageous and thoughtful, her standup comedy is engaging, honest, and comes from the heart. In addition to being a successful touring comedian, Emma is the cofounder and artistic director of the 208 Comedyfest, the codirector of Comedyfort (part of the Treefort Festival), as well as a mother of three and third generation beekeeper. She was named Jackie and Laurie's "Comic of the Week" in 2018, and needs literally nothing else from life after that. Her self-released comedy special, Yes, Please, is available here and you should watch it, it's fun. When not touring, Emma lives in Idaho, where she keeps kids and bees with varying degrees of success.

The eye-catching title is aimed at normalizing reproductive rights as the essential healthcare that the procedure is. In her own words:

"I recorded that abortion section bc I think normalizing even just the word helps normalize reproductive justice and the right has controlled the tone of conversation for so long. I do a ton of Planned Parenthood benefits, and I could tie a late album release party in with them in late March… I've been fighting this fight a lonnnng time. I was one of 3 counter protester at a pro-life rally in 1997. In Idaho, lol. I know it's a bit of a risk, but my gut tells me it's the right thing to do and will pay off."

Artist: Emma Arnold

Title: Abortion. Abortion. Abortion.

Release Date: March 22, 2019

Pre-Sale Date: March 8

Label: Blonde Medicine

Track listing:

1- Put a Baby in Me

2- Single & Crushing It

3- Dating a Younger Guy

4- Frontsy Backsy

5- A Beautiful Joke

6- A Gynecologist Who Knows

7- My Diagnosis

8- One-Issue Voter

9- Not Pro-Choice

10- Born in Salmon

11- Abortion or Cancer

12- Therapy & Self-Love

13- My Legacy

14- Please Don't Hate Me

15- Pretty Spanking Princesses

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