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  • Heidi Vanderlee

June 23: Earth's Greatest... Conquerors! A Game Show, Hosted by Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler

WHAT: Famous figures from Earth (a rotating cast of comics and actors) are reanimated by alien overlords to compete on a game show hosted by superior humans Keisha Zollar and Andrew Kimler for the right to save the universe. Created by KAZM.

The year is 2162 and the universe is in catastrophic trouble. Only the VERY best humans can save it. The Plutars, an alien race, have traveled through history to find the most impressive humans from each category (conquerors, feminists, one-term presidents, people called James, etc), reanimating the top five people - but the catch is that they can only keep one from each batch alive. The five reanimated contestants must compete in a series of challenges to decide which of them will get to live - and join the aliens in their mission of salvation.

WHO: Hosted by Keisha Zollar (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper, Astronomy Club) and Andrew Kimler (NowThis, Applying It Liberally, Electoral Dysfunction)


Chelsea Davison (The Tonight Show) as HERNAN CORTES

Negin Farsad (High Maintenance, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me) as JOAN OF ARC

Nick Jack Pappas ( as GENGHIS KHAN

Joel Perez (Jesus Christ Superstar: Live!) as ALEXANDER THE GREAT

Megan Sass (TruTV, NBC Diversity Showcase) as GRACE O'MALLEY

Musical accompaniment by Jen Kwok (Friends from College)

WHEN: Saturday, June 23rd at 9:00pm

WHERE: Caveat NYC - 21A Clinton Street New York, NY 10002

HOW: $10, 21+ - ticket link

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